Monday, February 2, 2009

When God Calls

Well you can't hide from Him! Let's see, if you ignore Him you will miss out on a great blessing and being a blessing. How sad is that?
I have been blessed to hear God speak audibly and in my dreams and in His still voice to my heart.I can honestly say there are things He has asked me too do that have terrified me.
Fly on a mission trip to S. Korea. My thinking was God made birds to fly! Up until that time I was terrified to fly. My husband works for an airline so we are blessed with that privilege, but whenever we had to fly I was so scared, I don't think I breathed until we landed. I wouldn't eat but Mike would make me take the food so he could eat it! Gotta love him.God called me to go on this mission trip to Korea. Our oldest daughter went with me and was blessed too visit her homeland. We were able to play, hold and feed orphan and we feed the homeless and did some service work. Of course we were blessed to bring home our friends baby boy they were adopting. I had no choice but too trust God and go. It was one of the most amazing events of my life. Now I have flown to Korea three times and Vietnam once! I can't say I love to fly, but the fear is gone.
When Dustin told us he was joining the Marines (which he had planned on doing since he was a little boy, but who would have thought....) I was so angry and upset with him. It was all about me and my feelings. All my son asked from me was for my blessings but I could not, would not give that to him. Slowly God began working on my heart. It was getting closer and closer to the time when Dustin was going to sign those papers with or with out my blessings. One day on the way to work I cried out to God asking Him to help me with this. A couple of minutes later I heard very clearly "Elaine give him your blessings, I will take care of him." I thought someone was in the car with me! This great peace came over me. I looked in the back, I checked the radio, it was off. Then I realized God had just answered my prayer. That night I was able to give Dustin my blessings. He hugged me and said "that is all I wanted momma."
Adoption. I became a christian at 37. Dustin was 2 years old. Mike had been asking me about adopting a daughter since shortly after Dustin was born. I kept saying no. Can you believe it? But it was true. I was perfectly happy with my three sons. This was the first thing I can remember God working on my heart about. I began doing my homework on adoption. Then there was no Internet so everything was by mail or a phone call. One day I am at the water park with my three sons and I hear a small voice in my heart say "Elaine, look up." I did and there I saw a Caucasian women with two little Asian girls. I knew right then I was ready to adopt. I went to a pay phone called Mike and the rest is history. A year almost to the day Jordan came home.
Four years later God spoke to my four year old daughter. She wanted a little sister from S. Korea. I was older and had reached the age limit for adopting from there. I told Jordan we need to pray and whatever God says that will be the answer. She insisted we stop right then and pray in the car. So we did. A little later she said "mom He answered me." I said who? She said "God and He told me it was ok with Him if we adopt a little sister, but now it is up to you and daddy!" Huh? I looked at her and I knew she was telling me the truth. What can I say, that was July 1999 and in a remarkable set of circumstances that only God could have planned, Cameron came home in April 2000!"
About four years later God laid adoption on my heart again. Now I was much older and I kept thinking "you have got to be kidding me." But He wasn't. About that time a little girl was born in Vietnam. It took 2 years of God speaking to me and me convincing Mike I hadn't lost my mind that this was God before we began the process for China. Yes China. But again God had another plan and in January 2007 I had the honor of traveling to Vietnam and bringing home our daughter Kennedy.
Since then God laid on my heart Hug Away. about a blessing. This past year has taught me so much. When I felt like giving up, I would pray for strength and guidance and God helped me. Hug Away has not been easy, but it has been a blessing!
Now God has laid on my heart that He is getting ready to do something else great in my life and all I know is when He speaks I listen and I have to be open. I told my husband that means him too! How exciting. I have no clue what it is but I know it is going to be AWESOME! I am so ready.
Gods plan was for us to have a life of happiness, joy and abundance. He also called us to help the least of these, to give, to love one another. We can have the happiness, joy and abundance if we help those who can't help themselves, those who have no voice, give, and love on another.
God gave a gift and plan to everyone of us. It is up to us to ask Him for guidance and discernment, after all He did give us a free will. He never forces us to do anything. I hope today is the day you will believe and step out in faith.

Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.
Habakkuk 1:5

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