Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Getting real & doing what is right

Its not always fun. In the bible it says "love your neighbor", like isn't it the second biggest commandment? I try really hard to practice that, but there are two people in this world I am finding a hard time "loving." My sisters ex husband and his 3rd wife, Cruella. What they are putting my youngest sister through is mean, cruel, heartless and pointless. It is mostly Cruella, but because of their "personalities" my sister lost her job, her home and the kids had to go live with them. "Cruella" threatens, harasses and demeans my sister constantly. She messes with her head and loves doing it. Tonight she went way over the line,if that is even possible. My first reaction? Go to her house, call her outside and CLOBBER her! Give her a dose of her own medicine. But once I asked myself what Jesus would want me to do, I knew that fantasy wasn't going to happen. So tonight, no I am not feeling the love, but I do feel I should pray for everyone involved in this situation. It is very, very sad and like most divorces (this is the longest in history) the kids pay. So I am asking all my friends in "blog nation" to please pray for this situation. Pray for ice hearts to warm, blind eyes to see, and deaf ears to listen. Pray that I can set an example.
Now for some more getting real. Remember my last blog? Well, as always God takes care of me.
Why do I have those moments of doubts? I mean everytime I turn it over to God and actually let go, it always works out, even when it may not be the way I planned, it is always good.
I put the picture in because it is cute and it makes me happy. That cute puppy with Kennedy is my birthday present to me, Brody. I call him a bagel. He is part Border collie/ Beagle. Kennedy asked me if he was her "udder bruder." hmm.....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

One year ago today

We landed in Tulsa and Kennedy Grace walked right up to her daddy and that was all she wrote!
She had him...hook, line & sinker. And it took about another minute to hook her sisters and brothers. I look at her and my cup runneth over.
I can't believe that God would make me a mom again at this time in my life. I am so happy I will never be an empty nester.
Thank you Michael, Cody, Dustin, Jordan, Cameron and Kennedy for making my life so blessed, fun and never having a dull moment.

Kennedy with her sisters & cousins.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What to do

What do you do when you have to choose and any choice you make could be the wrong one? This is one of those times I need God to sit down with me and just tell me what to do.
When I left Dillon to start The Hug Away Foundation I knew I would need to find another job because bills needed to be paid. What I didn't know is that it would take me almost 4 months to find another job. Needless to say bills piled up. I had days when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, but I knew Gods plan is always bigger than mine and much better!
Here is the deal, after being so excited about my new job (which is so great) the facts are it is going to cost me more to work there (gas, day care). Sooo... this is the point where I wish God would just tell me what to do. My priorities? God, my family, Hug Away then job.
So what do I do? Hope some bling bling drops from the sky? Or maybe the little money fairy will leave a big huge wad of cash under my pillow.
It was also suggested when I started the foundation, not to work at all and focus only on getting the foundation going. No pressure there. I just have to believe that God will reveal to me and provide. He hasn't let me down yet. I let Him down a lot. Man these faith test are hard!
If it seems to you like I am a little ADHD I am! Thank goodness I have God watching out for me.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our God is an awesome God!

Guess what I got for my birthday? A JOB!!!! A wonderful part time job! It is an answer to prayer. I kept the faith and God answered my prayers.
I also gave myself a puppy! Happy Birthday to me from me! He is a 3 month old part border collie/beagle and his name is Brody. His eyes are so blue they are almost white.
And the biggest news of all, We received the paperwork/ approval for THE HUG AWAY FOUNDATION to become a non profit. And the very bestest news (quote Cameron!) after a very long delay Ms. Kennedy will officially be ours February 15th! And we celebrated Kennedy's Gotcha Day with her travel and orphanage buddy cutie Kein & his sweet parents Brad & Cynthia who are moving closer to us! Yeah!
I have such a story to tell about how God taught me a lesson.
Ok I was having a pity party a couple of weeks ago. That night God spoke to me and said "Elaine you are so good at reading christian books and inspirational quotes, writing your own inspirational thoughts, going to church, going to Sunday school but when is the last time you read my book? I mean really, really read it? ouch. I walked over to my bible and it literally feel open to Job! I kind of moaned, I wanted something uplifting. Anyway it was open to a page where God is really getting on to Job. Asking him questions about what God has done, you know make the planets, the oceans, raise the dead...really giving poor Job what for, for doubting Him. Well it was like He was yelling at me. Honestly I told a friend I could literally feel Him shouting out me, so disappointed that I did not trust Him enough to handle my problems. My heart broke. How can I, a person who loves God so much and want to please Him treat Him like that. I read and read. Needless to say I gave my pity party to God and the next day 3 job offers! And more important peace.
God wants us to depend on Him completely. I really don't know why we don't it is a wonderful feeling knowing how much He loves us and that He wants to take care of us.
Thank you God.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

One year ago today

I was on a plane heading to Vietnam. I was getting ready to meet a beautiful little girl that God had chosen as our daughter. Tonight as I held her in my arms rocking her I was looking at her thinking what a blessing she has been, how much she has changed and well she is just so beautiful!