Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I am taking this wonderful bible study called "Discerning The Voice OF GOD" by Priscilla Shirer. It is wonderful. She teaches you that in order to hear from God you must commune with Him. Makes sense. When you have asked God or made a request to God, waiting on the answer can be, well for lack of a better word, excruciating! Sometimes He has answered us but we are so busy still asking for an answer we miss it. God answers us in His own time and in different ways. He answers us through that still small voice that gives us peace, through circumstances, people and His written word.
God has answered many of my prayers and when I look back it amazes me on the many ways He went about it.
The most recent example. I lead an adoption group at my church. It began 21/2 years ago with a bang, but slowly the attendance began to dwindle and there was really only 3 of us that consistently showed up. I no longer felt the desire to lead and after much prayer I decided to let it go and I had a peace about it, but a small part of me felt guilty, a very small part. As if to tell me "Elaine it really is ok to let it go" God sent confirmation through a prayer that a wonderful woman who came to one of our meetings only one time. Mind you this is the only time I have ever met her and she felt compelled to email me. Through a prayer that God laid on her heart to write and send me came the final confirmation and then there was complete and total peace. It was amazing.
Now adoption is my passion and I have no doubt that God will use me to get the word out. But in order to know His will for me I have to stay in His word, stay in prayer and be aware of circumstances and people He puts before me. Did I tell you that the wonderful woman who sent me the prayer is a professional speaker on adoption? Pretty cool.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Does a mom really ever have a vacation? I have often pondered this question. This past week we took our annual Fathers Day vacation trek down to Rockport Texas. Our first stop is at my sister and brother in laws house outside San Antonio, my home town (Go Spurs!) we spend the night and a day then all of us make the two hour trip to Rockport.
My crew will now live in our RV for a week. Yes, all the luxuries of home, laundry, dirty dishes, beds to make, meals to fix and let's not forget trying to go to the bathroom with your knees in your chest!
So where is the vacation part? I mean I have fun with my family and I love spending time with them but I am so exhausted by the time we get back I need to go to work to chill!
The first year we started this we stayed at a nice condo on the beach at Padre Island, now that was a vacation! My sister Jodie and I decided we are going back to the condo deal.
I did find time to do my bible study, that was nice. Wherever you are you should find time for God. That alone time is energizing! Don't take a vacation from God.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Wolf Mother

I am blessed and want to share my blessed and humorous life with others. I love to write/journal so this is a passion for me.
First and foremost I am a christian. I became a christian at the age of 37. When I became a christian one of my fears was that I would have to change who I was. No more spontaneous outburst of humor, no more laughing out loud, no more stating my opinion. By golly my life would be more disciplined, strict, stern. Oh and my kids would be perfect and my problems would go away. This is when I found out our awesome God does have a sense of humor, after all He gave me one!
So I am married to the best guy in the world his name is Mike and we have 6 children ages 3,8,12,18,21,30. Three sons and three daughters. Our daughters are adopted two from Korea and one from Vietnam. We also have a grandson who is 5 and a granddaughter who is 4. They are each a special gift from God and we can't imagine our life without them. Besides it makes life interesting!

Hmm... where do I start. OK how about with a funny story?! Tonight my 21 year old son Cody called me to tell me his roommates were going to be on a radio station in a battle of the bands. Now this is a station I would normally not listen to but they are nice guys and to show my support I thought I would listen and vote. I kept hitting redial oh about 90 times. I wanted to hang up but kept thinking "what if my vote was like the tie breaker?" So I hang in there and finally the DJ answers and asked for my name, I give her my name thinking why do you need my name? I just wanted to vote. She says "you are my last caller !" and I thing goody I got in just in time and then she says "you won tickets to WOLF MOTHER!" who? I try to sound excited and hang on while she gets my information. She is really nice; ask for my name, address, phone number and then my birthday...wonder what she was thinking cuz it was like okaaay?Right after I hang up my son calls and says " mom what did you think of the band?" I said "I like them and I called to vote and I was the last......."OH MY GOSH MOM!!! YOU WON THE TICKETS TO WOLF MOTHER?"! "yes,I sure did." "OH MY GOSH I HAVE WANTED TO GO TO THAT CONCERT, I LOVE THAT BAND! THANKS MOM!" " Well son, I'm sorry but I am taking your dad." Oh. silence. Gothca! OH MOM YOU ARE THE COOLEST. I LOVE YOU! "Cody, who is WOLF MOTHER?" "Remember mom;I told you they sound like Led Zepplin." Hmmm... I think to myself I loved Led Zepplin back in the day. But he loves Wolf Mother today. Have fun Cody.
Now mind you I listen to jazz, christian and a little rock. I have tried; not often but a few times to win my husband a backyard makeover, a makeover for myself, a grill, trips to Branson and $10,000. But I call a station that I never listen to and win tickets to a band I never heard of. You know what? It was all worth it. After all my son and friend are going to WOLF MOTHER!