Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Days!

I am not a big fan of the snow. But it is beautiful while falling and when it is laying on the ground. We did some things around the house today and then went outside to play for a while. I remember when my boys were younger if it snowed they did every risky thing they could think of. I would be freaking out! The girls are a lot more mellow! Of course I took lots of pictures!

My snow angels!

Brody loves the snow!

She threw one to many snow balls at Jordan!

snow on the tongue!

Kenndy had enough and came inside

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stressed? Give it to God!

Oh my, the last couple of weeks have flown by! I am to the point I can't remember what I did 5 minutes ago or what I need to do next. That is a baaaaad thing! God gave me a wake up call this week letting me know that I need to slow down and relax. My blood pressure is always perfect but this week it was really high due to stress.
You know you just go,go,go and you don't even realize that your stressed!
The thing is I love all the things I am doing! Sure there is some stress in my life but that is how life is once in a while. Funny, I thought I handed that part over to God, guess not.
So I am going to make some changes. God willing I plan on being around for a while so I need to do my part.So here are some areas I need to work on:
1. I do worry about raising money for Hug Away. That sounds bad but looks worse when I type it out! Note to self, give it to God.
2.I am terrible about giving up control of things. Uh yeah need to give that one to God also.
3. Go to bed to late and get up to early. Hmm...good bye caffiene after 7 p.m.
4. My van is on it's last leg. (I did give that one to God!) But at least I have a van that gets me around!
5. My kids. No matter how old they are you worry about them. I think my kids are pretty great.They are kind, good, compassionate, funny, they love their family and are not afraid to say I love you no matter who is around. They have all accepted Christ! They may have gone off the track a few times (haven't we all) but they know God and we will all be together for eternity! So what why am I worried about them! Take off list.
6. God will never give me more than I can handle. that is good news!
So I am letting go. You have my permission when I blog on here about stressing or you see me and I am stressing out, to remind me of this post and that I need to chill!
So if your stressed out just give it to God. He will take care of you.
I posted some pictures. Looking at my sweethearts makes my heart smile!

Ms. Cameron

grandaughter Maddox with Aunt Jordan

grandaughter Amiya with AuntKennedy

My grandson Jaylon

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sponsorship in Ethiopia

A few weeks I posted about the Hug Away Foundation starting a sponsorship program in Ethiopia. At this point we have 24 children who need sponsors. We are looking at possibly up to 200. But right now we have the 24 who are considered the poorest of the poor and are literally surviving day to day. We need to get them sponsors as quickly as possible.
We also need to raise money to help the school. They need so much. 3 computers, a couple of printers, digital camera. They have a kitchen but it really needs a lot of work, supplies and food! We are also going into the community and hoping to help with several needs there.
We really need some people to step up and help us.Please don't assume that someone else will. That is not always the case. We can't do this without your help.
If you are interested in sponsoring a child email me at
It is $30 a month and that will pay for their education and 2 meals a day. This is the only meals these kids will get.
If you can help us with a donation of any amount at all that would be wonderful. Maybe you can get your church, company, girl or boy scout troop involved. We would be so gratful. Our website is
Please, help us help them.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pray for Haiti

We as Christians need to pray not only for the country but for the people who live there, the missionaries who have dedicated their lives to make a difference in Haiti, for the volunteers who are working around the clock to help the people of Haiti through this disaster and the children who have been adopted and are waiting to go home. The adoption process in Haiti can be very long and intense. Let's pray this disaster does not delay the process. Please pray for the parents who are waiting.
And let's not forget the children who live in the orphanages. There are usually not enough workers and many children. Most of these children will have no one to comfort them and hold them when they are scared.
I was watching the TV and as I saw the faces of these people who have lost everything it broke my heart. You can sit here and feel so helpless. But if all you can do is pray then pray with a heart broken for them. There is a quote that says: Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God.
Let your heart be broken for the people of Haiti.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Three years ago

today I was in Ninh Thuan Vietnam. This day a precious baby girl would be placed in my arms and become our daughter. I had met her the day before. She came riding up on a scooter, was lifted down, fell, got a little road rash on her cheek (never cried) and walked up 2 flights of cement steps (all this was outside) by herself. I thought to myself "are they sure she is only 2?" She had everyone in the orphanage wrapped around her little finger, much like she does now with her family and friends! Everyone knew her and she had this air of confidence about her. When we met she came right to me, kissed my cheek and gave me a hug. Then she spotted the treats I had brought! Yup, nothing has changed much!

Kennedy with her friends in the orphanage

This is Kennedy with her nanny. She loved Kennedy so much and did not want her to leave.

My mother in law and I were in Vietnam for 3 1/2 weeks. We had received Kennedy on our 4th day in Vietnam. Only once did she have a melt down and that was when we went shopping in Ho Chi Minh. She was not use to all the chaos and noise. Other than that she was perfect. Even on the plane ride home a Vietnamese lady asked me how long had she been with me and when I told her a couple of weeks she looked shocked. She said "it seems to me that she has been yours forever. You can tell she is comfortable with you and she is so well behaved." What a compliment!

This is our first meeting. she really was happy but she wanted the treats!

Oh how I love this precious gift that came into my life at a time when I thought we would never adopted again. Never doubt the power of a child's presence and love. It can do amazing things for you!

Happy Gotcha Day Baby girl! You are loved!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The gift of another year!

In a few days I will celebrate yet another birthday. I didn't really plan on celebrating this one. I have my reasons. I am going to be a pivotal age where things begin and others end. Let's talk about the things that end first. What was I saying? Oh yeah, the memory! If I can possibly remember what I said 10 minutes earlier I consider myself a brainiac! I try to make a list to remind myself of things I need to do but I always forget where I put the list. Firm skin. Now days, if I hope to see no lines or sagging neck I have to lay on my back and hold a mirror up. It is wonderful!!! Everything looks so smooth and firm! Of course that leads to other things falling off to the side if you know what I mean. Natural hair color. Mine isn't to far off from its original color, I just have to color it more often now! Darn those gray hairs! And they are stubborn! They stick straight up like someone just put a ton of gel on them!
With these things ending I get to look forward to new things!! A 10% discount at some stores! More and more junk mail from AARP! emails from cute little womens groups that desire to help me get through this "special" time in my life. Things falling further south. Offers to plan for my funeral so my family will not be burdened with this sad time in their lives. Hello! I have raised them, cooked like a thousand meals for them, washed 7 million loads of their laundry, sat hundreds of hours on bleachers watching them play sports and let's not forget they are responsible for most of my gray hair! Now I have to plan my own funeral? I don't think so!
So you understand why I am not thrilled about this birthday.
Seriously, How ungrateful am I? I finally realized (we will blame it on my impending age!)that everyday I wake up is a gift from God! And no matter how lousy things seem in this world there is a lot more good to celebrate! Three years ago for my birthday I was in Vietnam meeting our youngest daughter! And even though I am getting up there as far as numbers go, my heart and attitude are young. All kidding aside I am enjoying my life more than ever.
Age is a heart condition. So that should make me 34! That is how old Kennedy thinks I am anyway! Ok, so I felt bad about that and bumped it up to 44. :)
I am grateful for the life God gave me. It didn't start out so great but it is awesome now! He has great plans for me and I plan on seeing those plans through!

I posted a few pictures of the loves of my life!

My guy!

My Cody

My Dustin (he really does like me!)

My Michael

My silly Kennedy!

My sweet grandkids

My girls! Cameron, Jordan and Kennedy