Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stressed? Give it to God!

Oh my, the last couple of weeks have flown by! I am to the point I can't remember what I did 5 minutes ago or what I need to do next. That is a baaaaad thing! God gave me a wake up call this week letting me know that I need to slow down and relax. My blood pressure is always perfect but this week it was really high due to stress.
You know you just go,go,go and you don't even realize that your stressed!
The thing is I love all the things I am doing! Sure there is some stress in my life but that is how life is once in a while. Funny, I thought I handed that part over to God, guess not.
So I am going to make some changes. God willing I plan on being around for a while so I need to do my part.So here are some areas I need to work on:
1. I do worry about raising money for Hug Away. That sounds bad but looks worse when I type it out! Note to self, give it to God.
2.I am terrible about giving up control of things. Uh yeah need to give that one to God also.
3. Go to bed to late and get up to early. Hmm...good bye caffiene after 7 p.m.
4. My van is on it's last leg. (I did give that one to God!) But at least I have a van that gets me around!
5. My kids. No matter how old they are you worry about them. I think my kids are pretty great.They are kind, good, compassionate, funny, they love their family and are not afraid to say I love you no matter who is around. They have all accepted Christ! They may have gone off the track a few times (haven't we all) but they know God and we will all be together for eternity! So what why am I worried about them! Take off list.
6. God will never give me more than I can handle. that is good news!
So I am letting go. You have my permission when I blog on here about stressing or you see me and I am stressing out, to remind me of this post and that I need to chill!
So if your stressed out just give it to God. He will take care of you.
I posted some pictures. Looking at my sweethearts makes my heart smile!

Ms. Cameron

grandaughter Maddox with Aunt Jordan

grandaughter Amiya with AuntKennedy

My grandson Jaylon

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