Friday, May 30, 2008


No pictures yet, too tired. It is 1:30 am Friday morning. Jet lag. God has to be stirring my heart, I feel it. It is almost overwhelming. I feel Him waking beside me, I mean literally. I am at yet another crossroad of my life. Unemployed, but knowing if I just let Him do His work it will be OK. It is amazing what happens when we give it all, not some, all to God. I was looking at my three girls tonight and my heart ached for the Chapman family. See, they are so good and so real, that you feel like you are part of their family. We all lost little Maria. If anyone will search for the purpose in this and use it for good it will be the Chapman's.
Last week while in Korea I told you we met a birth mother who was leaving the office after choosing to make an adoption plan for her newborn daughter. She was young, overwhelmed, grieving and had questions. She wanted too know if we think birth mothers are bad, no good. My answer surprised her. You are an angel too many, who chose, over your own broken heart too give your daughter a life, better than what you knew deep in your heart, you were unable to give her. Will I see my daughter again one day? That is up to you and your daughter. I wanted to keep her but knew I couldn't, my heart is broken. I gave her a hug. Now the hard part here is Jordan and Cameron were sitting right there. Cameron was not paying that much attention, but Jordan was. It was a tough place to be, but we have raised strong girls and we have been honest about their adoption and they had the unique opportunity to see what their birth mothers went through. Jordan later told me that it broke her heart. Later we saw her walking down the street, kind of swaying and you could tell she was overwhelmed by grief. All alone walking down the street after giving up her baby. We had to walk by her and she touched Jordan and looked into her eyes, like tell me you understand. None of us will ever forget that young woman. Ever.
Korea was wonderful, such a beautiful country. I thank God that He provided for us to take this trip, oh yeah and Pres. Bush for the stimulus check. :)
I have so many things to do. Hug Away is the biggie. There are many families that need our help and we need to raise more money. There are orphans who need us and we need more money. Anyone know some famous person that might want to help us! :)
Not to go into the gory details and to make a pitiful story short, I got very ill about 30 minutes before we landed in Dallas. Let's put it this way they had an ambulance waiting for me. It got me through customs a lot quicker! Anyway after a few hours in the emergency room, they released me. There were storms in the area and flights were back logged. I was too sick too fly so my awesome, wonderful husband got a hotel room for the night. The next day the flights were still back logged. Our friend Natalie, drove all the way from Tulsa to Dallas to pick us up and bring us home. She offered to do this, we didn't ask. Is that a friend or what? Switched her days off at work to do this. Natalie I know you read this and we are so very grateful! We owe you! (not Taco Bueno, I don't care what Mike says..or Taco Bell!) Love ya!
That night in the hotel room I was laying in bed thinking I was dying and Kennedy said "mommy, when you got sick on the plane you broke my heart." Gulp.
To end my night tonight, I heard from all of my sons and we are safe at home. My heart is full.
"God thank you for this and please, please be with the Chapman family. I know that right now you have beautiful Maria helping you." amen

Monday, May 26, 2008

Time to say goodbye

This is our last night in Korea. After a very long day of visiting a home for children and visiting the Folk Village we opted to stay in and pack. The week flew by like I knew it would but it has been wonderful. Beverlee and Mr. Chae have treated us like royalty.
As I have said many times I believe we were here for a reason. There were several reasons that were obvious and some not so much.
The night we arrived I met a young birth mother. The girls and I were standing in the foyer and she accidentally bumped Cameron. To make a long story short, she had just given birth to a little girl four days before and had just a few hours before made the very unselfish yet heartbreaking decision to place her daughter for adoption. She was crying and had tons of question's. We had a translator so I let her ask whatever she desired. She was sobbing so hard, the whole thing broke my heart. I will post more about her later.
The next thing was we were on the same floor with a couple who were adopting an 11 month old. They are from Kansas and we all just hit it off. She had her mother with them and she is great. The little girl was brought to them last night and she was not taking the transition well at all. She was grieving so badly and asking for "omma." We all decided to eat in and let her be around our girls. That made her very happy. She really attached to Cameron. Seeing and playing with the girls made all the difference. After that she slept all night and was a happy camper this morning before they left. We exchanged info and will keep in touch.
Well this is my last post from Korea. Once I get home I will share pictures and more about our time with the birth mother.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


No clue how to spell it but that is Korean for hello. Ok it is 5 am Sunday morning, so that means it is about 3 pm Saturday afternoon at home.
Saturday we woke up and went downstairs to our hotel and had a wonderful American breakfast! Yummy! It was so good. After a while you just need a little bit of home. Then we went to a beautiful park in the city where Ms. Cameron was born and then the Bamboo Forest. It was amazing. You want to know why Koreans live long lives and stay so healthy? Walk, walk, walk, eat healthy and lots of green tea, which I love and now Mike is hooked on. 90 years old would put you to shame. They walk up long steep hills, steps without a problem. The parks are built for your health. Not to sound like a hippie, but they respect the earth and use it in a way that benefits you and gives back to it. Amazing. We were able to see parts of Korea most foreigners don't. We were about 5 hours south of Seoul and it was beautiful.
We have met a wonderful couple along with her mother who are from Kansas. They are adopting a little girl. We went out with them last night to the Outback, again yummy! The three of them are so sweet. We are going to exchange info and keep in touch.
Today is a free day so we are going to ride the subway and finish our shopping. I will try to post pictures later. If my sons read this, I love you and miss you!

Friday, May 23, 2008


I could not post anything yesterday out of respect for the Chapman family. I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting and being interviewed by Mr. Chapman a few years ago. He is so real. It was like talking to an old friend. He is very real and humble. You can tell this family is passionate about what they do. Please keep each of the Chapmans in your prayer.
Ok Korea. I love this country. This is my third trip here (we don't count a 6 hour stay in the airport coming home from Vietnam.) Mike and I agree it is the perfect blend of old world meets new world. It is so great having Mike here along with the girls. I hope someday our sons can come with us.
Thursday we met Elder Dr. Kim founder of the agency. He is 93 years old and when you are in a room with him you feel like you are with an angel. He is a christian and until a few years ago would climb a mountain every morning to pray. We also met his daughter who is the new President of Eastern. She is like her father, very kind and humble.
Afterwards we met the girls Foster mother's. They were so excited to see the girls. But that part is private and if the girls choose to share they will.
Afterwards we went to the War Museum. Phenonemal! They have a floor for every war they have fought in. It is so amazing, Mike was full of questions. Afterward we went shopping! That is always an experience! When we got back to the agencey about 6 pm we crashed, didn't even eat dinner.
Friday we were up early and off to Anyang where Jordan was born. We played with the babies and talked to the Director about some of their needs. They need alot! Hopefully Hug Away can help. We are now in Gwangiu where Cameron was born. It is about 5 hours south out of Seoul. It is beautiful, but so far Mike and I stand out like well white people! They are very rare around here.
Today we will do a little sight seeing and head back to Seoul. We are getting ready to leave, but I will post more later.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman

Dear KXOJ Friends,
Maria Sue Chapman 2003 - 2008Photo by Mary Beth Chapman
Last night Maria Sue Chapman, adopted and youngest daughter of Mary Beth & Steven Curtis Chapman, was killed in a tragic accident in the family driveway. She was LifeFlighted to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital but for only reasons God can explain she went home to Him... not back to Franklin as we all so desperately wanted.

We are all humbled by the incredible outpouring of love and support at this difficult time. I have watched you, the Chapman friends, overwhelm website servers and jam phone lines with your gracious words and heartfelt prayers. The Chapman family is so grateful. Obviously, we cherish your prayers for all in the Chapman family, and we welcome you passing this along to others to pray and encouraging them to sign up for Steven's e-mail list to receive continuing updates.
If you'd like to express your condolences and get a glimpse of this beautiful little girl through a short video clip, click here.
Mail to PO Box 150156 Nashville, TN 37215.
In lieu of flowers, the Chapmans request any gifts be directed to Shaohannah's Hope, click here.
In closing, as many of you know, the song "Cinderella" was written by Steven to help him (and us all) grab a hold of the special moments with those we love we might otherwise rush by. It was inspired by a bath time that Steven tried to "hurry," Maria and her sister Stevey Joy were not exactly cooperating. : ) Let us all be reminded again today what Steven compels us to with the lyric of this special song.
Maria, we already miss you so much, and we only take comfort in The Hope that assures us we'll see you again soon.

On behalf of the Chapman team and family,
Jim Houser (Manager)

Prayer for the Chapman Family

Please pray for the Steven Curtis Chapman Family. Their youngest daughter 5 year old Maria was accidentally ran over by one of her brothers yesterday. She was there youngest daughter adopted from China. The whole family was home at the time of the accident. For anyone who has adopted, you know what the Chapman family means to the world of adoption. They have been my inspiration for the Hug Away Foundation. They are a very close knit family.
They need our prayers.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We made it!

After a very long 14 hour but perfect flight to Seoul we are here. We arrived about 5 here at Eastern, ate and went to bed. That meant I was up at 4:30 am today. At ten we meet Elder Dr. Kim and his daughter Dr. Kim and at 11 we meet the girls foster mothers and after that shopping. I had an experience last night that I will share later when I have time. It was a very profound moment in my life and my daughters. I believe we are here for a reason and one of those reasons happened last night.
I will post more later with pictures!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Korea here we come!

My husband, myself and our three daughters are leaving for Korea Tuesday. We are so excited! Jordan and Cameron will be able to visit with their foster mother's. Jordan has met her foster mother a couple of times, but this is Cameron's first time. Mrs. Boon took care of her for the first 15 months of her life so this should be emotional. We are visiting the cities and place where they were born, helping out in a few places and I have a meeting to see what Hug Away can do to make a difference in the lives of orphans in N. Korea.

When I come back I will have stories and pictures to share! Please pray for our safety and that doors are opened!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My crazy life!

Sometimes I have to sit back and look at my life and smile. It is nothing like I imagined when I was a little girl. I was going to be a lawyer/photographer, with four kids...boy, girl, boy girl. I was going to live in a very nice house, get my hair done once a week and always be stylin! But as most of you know that is not at all what happened! I came from a rough background, had lots bad things happen in my life. All that changed when I became a christian at 37. I could care less about getting my hair done, stylin, well I do have my own style and as for my house well it is a kids house. I use to cringe at the thought of someone dropping by, but now, if you can step over it, through it or around it, then you are welcome any time!
God blessed me with a wonderful husband. Yes, I am a cougar! That is what they call a woman who is older than her husband. I want to be called a Puma! I think that sounds better. Anyway, Mike is 9 years younger than me but now that 50 is officially the new 30 we are about the same age!:) We have 6 kids and 2 grand kids, a dog and a fish.
Here is a typical day at my house.

  • 3 am Brody (my dog) jumps on the side of my bed, breaths heavy, scares me and licks me.
  • 3:30 am can't sleep because my dog scared me awake.
  • 4:30 Kennedy stares me awake and gets in bed with me.
  • 6:30 husband comes home, oldest daughter gets up. I need to get up, but fight it
  • 7:00 I am up and ready to go. Mike takes Jordan to school and off to his second job
  • 7:30 I have thrown one load in the wash and one in the dryer, did dishes (if there were any) get the little ones up.
  • 7:45 We are up and eating breakfast (one wants cereal the other rice and soy sauce)
  • 8:00 Make lunches, brush teeth, feed the dog and the fish (Flipper, who will never die..ever!
  • 8:40 Take Cami to school, go back home finish up "stuff."
  • 9:25 Take Kennedy to school and off to work
  • 4:00 pm Head home, start dinner or take a child somewhere,
  • 6:00 pay bills, work on Hug Away, do more laundry, feed the dog
  • 8:00 Get kids in the bath, say hi to hubby who somewhere in the last 4 hours came home, went to bed and is off again.
  • 9:00 Sit down find a show that will make me cry or laugh
  • 10:30 Go to my room, lay down try to go to sleep. Channel surf or make notes of things I need to do, should do or want to do.
  • 3:00 am yuck...doggy breath!

This does not include extra curricular activities, breaking up little girl dissagreements, learning to text faster so my sons don't fall asleep while I try to text them back, grandkids, ball games and all of that stuff. But with all that said... I want to thank God and give Him all the glory for this wonderful, crazy, blessed life He gave me. I wouldn't change it for the world.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Daddy's Cinderella's

Ok everyone I have no clue why but click twice on the title so you can here the music.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Words from my youngest son

This was posted on my blog. He typed it at 3 in the morning so I translated it for your viewing pleasure.
He amazes me. I told him I didn't care how big and strong he got, he would always be my baby boy. He will be 19 on the 12th of May. 19 years ago I brought him home on Mothers Day. A couple of days later I was at home alone with him and a tornado came by our house. Here was I was sitting in the bathtub holding this 2 day old baby boy in arms vowing I would let no harm come to him, I would protect him with my life. 19 years later he is making me the same promise.
No greater love.

mommas baby boy said...
mom i love you with every last bit of my heart. As much as i hate leavin i have too. God did call me to serve but the main reason i did it is cause i want to make sure that after all these years of you and dad lookin after me i have always figured here is one way for me to pay you back and that i makin sure yalls freedom is kept safe and to know that you rest easy at night. i 'm not perfect but i would lay down my life for you dad without second guessin one bit. i love you both and i miss you so much. your baby boy.