Monday, May 5, 2008

Words from my youngest son

This was posted on my blog. He typed it at 3 in the morning so I translated it for your viewing pleasure.
He amazes me. I told him I didn't care how big and strong he got, he would always be my baby boy. He will be 19 on the 12th of May. 19 years ago I brought him home on Mothers Day. A couple of days later I was at home alone with him and a tornado came by our house. Here was I was sitting in the bathtub holding this 2 day old baby boy in arms vowing I would let no harm come to him, I would protect him with my life. 19 years later he is making me the same promise.
No greater love.

mommas baby boy said...
mom i love you with every last bit of my heart. As much as i hate leavin i have too. God did call me to serve but the main reason i did it is cause i want to make sure that after all these years of you and dad lookin after me i have always figured here is one way for me to pay you back and that i makin sure yalls freedom is kept safe and to know that you rest easy at night. i 'm not perfect but i would lay down my life for you dad without second guessin one bit. i love you both and i miss you so much. your baby boy.

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