Friday, December 28, 2007

Time & Dreams

Funny thing about time. It either goes to fast or not fast enough. Your wedding day, waiting for the birth of a child or for a child you are adopting whose picture you have looked at for months, that is when time seems to stop. Then your married and your kids are growing up and you want time to slow down.
I started off 2007 year by leaving for Vietnam on January 3rd to bring home our daughter Kennedy. We will start of 2008 by telling Dustin goodbye January 1st. What a difference a year makes.
It seems like Dustin just came home and now in a few days he will go back to continue his training as a Marine. The hard thing this go around is we have no clue when we will see him again. When he was at boot camp we knew we would see him in three months. We know he has around 3 months of training left, then he will find out were he is stationed and by his estimate probably be deployed around June or July. OK time, you can stop now.
Nineteen years today my mom passed away. I was five months pregnant with Dustin. Now with that being said as faithful as I am and as much as I trust the Lord I am me so it goes without saying I have been stressing a little about finding a job and the foundation. So early this morning 6:30 am to be exact I had a dream. In the dream I was upset and this woman came up to me an grabbed my hand. She sat in a chair and I sat at her feet. She was smiling and so radiant. She was trying to tell me something. She had something in her hand and she wanted me to listen. She kept saying see, isn't it wonderful? But what impressed me most was the fragrance she was wearing. In my dream I could smell it so clearly and it was so familiar. Then Mike woke me up! I could still smell the fragrance and I realized it was White Shoulders! The only perfume my mom ever wore! I didn't even realize what today was until I spoke to my sister. I think my mom came to me in my dreams to let me know everything is going to be just fine. Thanks mom. And most of all thank you God for knowing how to always get my attention!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What a wonderful world!

Click on the x twice on the music video to make it smaller. If the music from the other post plays just click on "What a wonderful world on the right side of the video. Sorry I am not tech savvy! If you can tell me how to fix it let me know! Enjoy!