Friday, June 24, 2011

Show them that they matter!

So my beautiful daughter comes home from Ethiopia last week. First, thank you God for protecting her and the teams that traveled.
She hands me a folder and I open it up and see updates of our 38  kids that have been waiting for over a year for a sponsor. Then I see numbers and pictures that don't look familiar to me at all. I keep reading and reality hits, she has sent me information on 45 new kids who need sponsors. I could tell a big lie right now and say that my first response was Yea!!! But like I said it would be a big fat lie. I thought "God I can't find sponsors for the 38 kids who have been waiting. What do you expect me to do now?" Yes, it's OK to tell God your overwhelmed and want to know what He's thinking. Seriously, I was almost in tears. Overwhelmed is a nice word to describe what I was feeling.
As I was waiting on His answer I decided to look through the information and pictures. And there laying before me in the pile of papers and pictures was His answer. These helpless ones, these hungry ones, these lonely ones,these scared ones, these forgotten ones, "these"  need a voice in this world. Now you can sit there and feel "overwhelmed" and use words like me and I or do something about it.
It's is so easy to forget about the "least of these" when we sit in our nice homes, have food, a car, go to school or work. I'm not talking about being well off, I 'm talking about the necessities of life to survive. Shelter, food & water. These kids don't have that. If their fortunate enough they live in a leaky shack at least it's some protection. They usually have no food or water. They desire to go to school but can't afford to. They don't want to beg for food, they do have their dignity, but they do what they have to do so they can survive. There is no "plan" for tomorrow in their lives, survival is one day at a time.
It isn't always fun or easy or comfortable when God calls you to serve Him, which by the way if you proclaim to be a Christian then you have been called to serve Him, but I promise you nothing in the world can bless you like stepping out of that box and doing for others.
So how will these 83 kids find sponsors who believe they are worth the $30 a month it cost to change their lives? Honestly, I don't know but this I know for sure we serve a BIG GOD and if we keep the faith and do our part then He will do His.
Jordan with some of our sponsor kids.
God will make this happen, for He who calls you is faithful. 1 Thessalonians 5:24

Friday, June 17, 2011

8 year old boy has a home!

The 8 year old boy who was waiting to be adopted has found his forever family! God is good!
Now let's find Sadie a home!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two precious kids waiting for thier forever families

I usually post this information on Hug Aways blog but we need to find families for these precious ones as soon as possible!


We only have Sadie's file for a few more weeks and then she goes back to the shared list where she may get lost among all the waiting children and forgotten--especially because she is an older child. She CAN move her legs and can move on her knees or with her wheelchair. She wants to be adopted so badly. I have many new photos of her. Please, won't you consider giving her a home!!!!
Sadie is one of the happiest little girls I have read about. She is post-operative for a cleft spine. She cannot walk at this time and we do not know if anything can be done for this but she desperately needs a home and soon. Sadie's caretakers say the following about her:
Sadie is 9 years old, she is pretty and clever, polite, and outgoing. All aunts and children in institute like her very much. Though she can’t walk, she can take care of herself without help. She isn’t dependent on other’s help. Every day she will sit on the children swing car happily and walk by it. She can put on clothes, have a meal, and make her bed without help every day. Because of her urinary and fecal incontinence, she often go to toilet to change paper diapers by the swing car without help, after that, she will wash her hands. Now she is studying in the Rehabilitation Center in this institute. She has mastered Chinese and Math of grade one, and her scores are always in the first in the class. In life she likes to learning English, sing and draw very much in particular, she likes to hear the story. She always asks the teacher to tell a story in the spare time, and then she will tell the story heard to the young sisters and brothers in the same room after leaving school; so the children in the same room all like her and are dependent on her very much.
Won't you please consider adding this delightful child to your family?

Singles - please note that you may not be more than 50 years of age. You may not have more than two children and the youngest must be six years of age or older.
Grant funding in the amount of $2500 is available for qualifying families.
For more information please contact You will be asked to complete a parent eligibility form before any information about the child is released.

I have information on a 8 year old boy who needs his forever family to bring him home. This is a domestic adoption. For more information email me at: Please send anyone you know who might truly be interested in adopting one of these precious ones to my blog. Help spread the word!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Turning 7

How do you spend a day with a little girl who is turning 7? You wake up and go to Krispy Kreme for breakfast, then off to Lowe's so she can pick out some flowers. Of course we go to the mall and then come home to find a brand new bicycle! We ended the day with dinner at Steak & Shake and  night time swim. And her birthday party isn't until Saturday!
She had only been home for five months when she turned 3. It was the first time she had ever celebrated her birthday. Around here birthdays are a big deal so we've made up for lost time. The first time we celebrated her birthday she had no clue what to do. She kept looking at me each time I handed her a gift to make sure it was OK to open it.
Kennedy has come a long way in the past four years. She has no problem receiving gifts at all!
It is easy to forget in all the celebration of this precious life that somewhere in Vietnam Kennedy's birth mother made the heartbreaking decision to make an adoption plan for her. I pray that this day God gives her peace and she will know that the Kennedy is loved infinity! (Kennedy loves saying this!) That she is happy, smart and healthy.
Happy Birthday sweet girl! You are loved!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Letting Go

Today we put our16 year old daughter on a plane heading to Africa. That is where she will spend the next two weeks with a wonderful team of women teaching young women and girls about how valuable they are and how much God loves them. They will also visit the school Hug Away partners with and visit the children.
When we got the call form our social worker about Jordan his exact words were " she is beautiful, tiny and has the prettiest rosebud lips." We knew Jordan was special. I will never forget the day she came home. She never woke up once at the airport. There were a 100 people there and we were being interviewed by a news team for a Fathers Day special and she never flinched. The next day the news team came back over to continue the interview before we went to church. We had sat up all night watching her and we were exhausted, but not Jordan. She sat on her daddy's lap in her ruffle dress and looked at all of us smiling, very sure herself.
Jordan has always been quiet. She is a honor student and sets her goals high. She will tell you if that makes her a nerd that's fine with her. She likes who she is and never feels the need to be anything else but the Jordan God created.
Once you get to know Jordan you will find out she is beautiful, funny, competitive, loves ice cream, loves to travel, loves her Korean heritage, loves her family and most of all loves God and wants to serve Him.
My husband and I trust God and we trust Jordan. And we know that when God has called her to do something she is going to do it!
It is that faith and passion she has for God that makes it easy to let her go. Jordan the nerd, the beauty, paintballing, taking care of babies in S.Korea or going to Africa to encourage young women to see themselves as God sees them, one thing for sure, Jordan is going to be everything God intends for her to be.

The beauty

The nerd ;)

With her foster mother in S. Korea

Taking care of babies in S. Korea

Paint balling! If you can't tell Jordan is on the right!

Heading to Africa