Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two precious kids waiting for thier forever families

I usually post this information on Hug Aways blog http://www.stillwait.blogspot.com/ but we need to find families for these precious ones as soon as possible!


We only have Sadie's file for a few more weeks and then she goes back to the shared list where she may get lost among all the waiting children and forgotten--especially because she is an older child. She CAN move her legs and can move on her knees or with her wheelchair. She wants to be adopted so badly. I have many new photos of her. Please, won't you consider giving her a home!!!!
Sadie is one of the happiest little girls I have read about. She is post-operative for a cleft spine. She cannot walk at this time and we do not know if anything can be done for this but she desperately needs a home and soon. Sadie's caretakers say the following about her:
Sadie is 9 years old, she is pretty and clever, polite, and outgoing. All aunts and children in institute like her very much. Though she can’t walk, she can take care of herself without help. She isn’t dependent on other’s help. Every day she will sit on the children swing car happily and walk by it. She can put on clothes, have a meal, and make her bed without help every day. Because of her urinary and fecal incontinence, she often go to toilet to change paper diapers by the swing car without help, after that, she will wash her hands. Now she is studying in the Rehabilitation Center in this institute. She has mastered Chinese and Math of grade one, and her scores are always in the first in the class. In life she likes to learning English, sing and draw very much in particular, she likes to hear the story. She always asks the teacher to tell a story in the spare time, and then she will tell the story heard to the young sisters and brothers in the same room after leaving school; so the children in the same room all like her and are dependent on her very much.
Won't you please consider adding this delightful child to your family?

Singles - please note that you may not be more than 50 years of age. You may not have more than two children and the youngest must be six years of age or older.
Grant funding in the amount of $2500 is available for qualifying families.
For more information please contact Kathy@wiaa.org. You will be asked to complete a parent eligibility form before any information about the child is released.

I have information on a 8 year old boy who needs his forever family to bring him home. This is a domestic adoption. For more information email me at: hugawayfoundation@cox.net Please send anyone you know who might truly be interested in adopting one of these precious ones to my blog. Help spread the word!

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