Saturday, June 4, 2011

Letting Go

Today we put our16 year old daughter on a plane heading to Africa. That is where she will spend the next two weeks with a wonderful team of women teaching young women and girls about how valuable they are and how much God loves them. They will also visit the school Hug Away partners with and visit the children.
When we got the call form our social worker about Jordan his exact words were " she is beautiful, tiny and has the prettiest rosebud lips." We knew Jordan was special. I will never forget the day she came home. She never woke up once at the airport. There were a 100 people there and we were being interviewed by a news team for a Fathers Day special and she never flinched. The next day the news team came back over to continue the interview before we went to church. We had sat up all night watching her and we were exhausted, but not Jordan. She sat on her daddy's lap in her ruffle dress and looked at all of us smiling, very sure herself.
Jordan has always been quiet. She is a honor student and sets her goals high. She will tell you if that makes her a nerd that's fine with her. She likes who she is and never feels the need to be anything else but the Jordan God created.
Once you get to know Jordan you will find out she is beautiful, funny, competitive, loves ice cream, loves to travel, loves her Korean heritage, loves her family and most of all loves God and wants to serve Him.
My husband and I trust God and we trust Jordan. And we know that when God has called her to do something she is going to do it!
It is that faith and passion she has for God that makes it easy to let her go. Jordan the nerd, the beauty, paintballing, taking care of babies in S.Korea or going to Africa to encourage young women to see themselves as God sees them, one thing for sure, Jordan is going to be everything God intends for her to be.

The beauty

The nerd ;)

With her foster mother in S. Korea

Taking care of babies in S. Korea

Paint balling! If you can't tell Jordan is on the right!

Heading to Africa

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Joy said...

We love you Jordan!