Monday, May 31, 2010


Today my mind and heart took a journey back to my childhood. I was born and raised in San Antonio Texas just down the road from Fort Sam Houston. San Antonio is home to many Air Force bases and Ft Sam Houston Army base.Fort Sam holds a very special place in my heart. My dad served in the Navy and fought in the Korean war. He was honorably discharged because during that time he was diagnosed with rheumatic fever and it damaged his heart. He had to stay at the Brooks Medical Hospital at Fort Sam several times for long stays because of his heart. During those stays he would meet young men who were severely burned or wounded and if he felt we could handle it we would have the honor of meeting these wounded warriors. I was about 8 or 9 when my dad brought home 3 young Green Berets for a home cooked dinner. Gary, Sammy and Vinny. They became my older brothers. We would go down to Hondos Texas and watch all hundreds of Green Berets parachute out of the planes during training. I still remember all those parachutes in the sky and trying to see if I could see one of my "brothers." I was so proud of them. I loved them.
One day my dad told me that the guys wouldn't be back. They were going to Vietnam to fight. My heart broke. I never saw them again and have no idea if they made it home. I often thought of seeing if there names were on "The Wall" but I can't remember their last names.
That time in my life taught me that our freedom came at a cost. That family and friends leave to fight for our country, our rights and sometimes we never see them again.
It taught me to never take this freedom for granted.
Remember, when you say what you want, watch what you want, go where you want, worship where however you please it came at cost.
To my son who is a Marine and chose to fight for America thank you son I am so proud of you. To my nephews Ryan and Mike who also chose to fight for America thank you. And to Gary, Sam, and Vinny wherever you are thank you for being my big brothers and for fighting for America. And for familes who have lost a loved one to war given thank you and my God give you peace.

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Friday, May 28, 2010

Houston we have a problem!

May I say I just don't get it? I know I will get some attitude from some folks about this post but honestly I DON'T CARE!
I am going to focus on America right now. A mosque to be built where the Twin Towers once stood as a gesture of peace? Seriously? Shouldn't that shoe be on the other foot? To our government officials who used a couple of brain celsl to think of and approve such a thing, how about building a HUGE CHURCH first! And how about Christians getting some righteous anger and start fighting for everything this country once stood for? We sit passively by and watch our government take away everything this once Christian nation stood for. I am sick and tired of our men and women fighting and dying for a country that is blowing off everything they are fighting and dying for.
I like, not love baseball but who gives a rip that the Texas Rangers are filing bankruptcy? Big surprise when you pay a guy who can swing a stick, hit a ball and run around the bases millions upon millions of dollars. What did you expect? Same goes for football, basketball and any other ball that people are paid ridiculous amounts of money to do. I wonder how many would play because of their love for the game instead of the money? If we would pay that much attention and get that fired up about God what a difference you would see in our country.
And I am sick of spoiled kids whose parents are afraid to be their parent. We are raising a lot of spoiled, disrespectful, potty mouthed little darlins because instead of laying down the rules I see parents attempting to talk their child into minding. How's that working for you? I would say not very well. They think they can say or do anything they want to and get anything they want.
The adults are no better. We have people come into our office without an appointment and it is lunch time expecting to see the doctor right then and there and cuss us out because we have the nerve to want to eat! Or blame us if we don't know what insurance they have. HELLO you don't have a clue so how are we suppose to know? Telling me it starts with the letter hmm....M is not going to help.
Do a crime? Here is a slap on the wrist now please don't do it again. Oh your back? Ok now another slap on the wrist.
Greed, war everywhere, self entitlement, homosexuality, crime on the rise,sex trafficking, abortion, no value of human life, addictions on the rise, a government wanting to control every thing we do, tornado's, hurricanes, earthquakes,
Yes it all makes me very angry, upset and sad but it does not surprise me.
Every single bit of this was prophesied in the bible thousands of years ago. As scientist and the Al Gores of the world try to figure what is going on and attempt to prove how and why, those of us who know better can go to our trusted bible WHERE it says when the end times begin all of these things will be going on.
I could go on and on but I won't. Here is the deal. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior I wouldn't wait. Your going to need Him not only for eternity but now. It amazes me that thousand of years ago it was written all of these things and more would happen before Jesus returned to earth and yet people still choose not to believe. Ok I am reading it, it's happening but hey I think I will stick my head in the sand!
I facilitate a class and the other night I had told them when someone ask me why I believe I would answer faith. The bible has never steered me wrong. And yes I am human NOT PERFECT if you have ever read my blog you should know that by now. And I get sick and tired of the above and more and I wish things were not the way they are and I get fed up with people who can't drive ^-^ but I am a child of God. The God who died on the cross for my sins. The one who created me and knew I would blog this! And that my friends gives me hope and strength to get through these times, to persevere, to forgive. Yes forgive. I may get my feelings hurt or get mad and fed up with someone to the point I would love to just like to shake the stupid out of them but I don't. I forgive and move on. And for you doubters out there I have a question for you. Wouldn't you rather believe and spend your journey here on earth knowing this wasn't the end? That by believing and asking Jesus into your heart you would live on with Him in heaven for eternity. The other result is burning in hell. Yeah, for me a no brainer. I am going where there will be no tears, fears, boo-boos, sadness, depression, sickness or war. I will be with family and friends that I love who are believers. Again. the other choice burning in hell for eternity in misery....don't think so.
I repeat if you haven't asked Jesus in your heart I wouldn't wait to long. You never know when your days on earth are over. There won't be a second chance. Maybe my attempt to witness isn't the usual way but it truly does come from my heart.

"But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength;They shall mount up with wings like eagles,They shall run and not be weary,They shall walk and not faint."
Isaiah 40:31

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today my baby boy turned 21. We couldn't call him because he has been out training for the last 2 weeks. When he turned 20 he was in Iraq. So this momma is sad today.
We brought Dustin home on Mothers Day 1989.
Ever since he was a little boy he wanted to be a Marine. I have to admit only God could give me peace about this decision when it came time for him to sign up.
So when people ask me how can I be so calm about my son being a Marine, being deployed and willing to lay down his life for our country my answer is "God gives me a peace that is above all understanding."
Dustin takes after me in the fact that when God calls you to do something you do it. And with a passion! He had overcome medical stuff and lost a lot of weight to achieve this dream. Nothing was going to stop him. Even his momma! I would never deny my children to go out and honor what God put on their heart.
So happy birthday Dustin. I know your out there somewhere working hard at what you love to do. See you in a few babe! Love you~

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Mom

I believe I posted something about this before but it bears repeating, because I have been asked this question again. What made you want to adopt again in your 50's?
Simple. God had a child out there waiting for her family to bring her home. As with all of our children God brought us together. It didn't matter if I was 20, 30,or 50, God laid on our hearts we were to adopt again and we did.
Besides the obvious blessings of children being an older mom has other perks. I can get the child and senior discount at the movies!
If you want to get some looks and interesting conversation get our whole gang together. Mike, myself, our sons 32, 24,soon to be 21 our daughters 15, 11 & 5 our grandson who is 8 and granddaughters 6 and 1. it adds up to a great mix of white, Asian, redhead, blond and a little blue eyed doll with dark curly hair!
God can call you to adopt at any age. You don't have to be rich or have a fancy house and car. Good grief we sure don't! The requirements should be that you live a active, healthy lifestyle. You have a heart full of love to give and are able to receive that love back a million fold!
There are so many kids in this world of every age and race who need someone to love them. Some are healthy and some have physical, developmental and mental health problems. And then there are those who have emotional scars from years of neglect or other abuses. They are still children. They were born into this world with the same need to be loved and to love like everyone else. Love has not age limit.
So if you are "older" which by the way is just a number and have thought of adoption or even being a foster parent but thought you were to old, think again. Chances are there is a child waiting for you. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there.
I have posted a few pictures of what I consider to be my greatest blessings.

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.”
Mark Twain

Without him by my side I would not have all of this

Think she might have watched the poker series?

Our other family member Brody

Pics when Kennedy first came home. I think her brothers were a little bit taken with her. They still are!

The crew and our neice Dani

Our three beauties Cameron, Jordan & Kennedy

Our youngest son Dustin

My three sons

Our oldest son Michael

Cody our middle son and his fiance Jordan

Our awesome grandkids!

Kennedys Naturalization Day