Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today my baby boy turned 21. We couldn't call him because he has been out training for the last 2 weeks. When he turned 20 he was in Iraq. So this momma is sad today.
We brought Dustin home on Mothers Day 1989.
Ever since he was a little boy he wanted to be a Marine. I have to admit only God could give me peace about this decision when it came time for him to sign up.
So when people ask me how can I be so calm about my son being a Marine, being deployed and willing to lay down his life for our country my answer is "God gives me a peace that is above all understanding."
Dustin takes after me in the fact that when God calls you to do something you do it. And with a passion! He had overcome medical stuff and lost a lot of weight to achieve this dream. Nothing was going to stop him. Even his momma! I would never deny my children to go out and honor what God put on their heart.
So happy birthday Dustin. I know your out there somewhere working hard at what you love to do. See you in a few babe! Love you~