Sunday, April 24, 2011


It is Easter Sunday. It has been rainy and stormy all day. We had hoped since Easter was later this year that it would be beautiful and warm. It is the complete opposite. No Easter pictures or Easter egg hunt outside. This could be a downer of a day. But Easter is not about pictures or Easter egg hunts. Today Christians all over the world celebrate this day, the day our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rose again!
Three days before He rose Jesus died a horrible death taking every ones sins upon Himself so we could live with Him in heaven...forever.
Church was full today. As I looked around the sanctuary at many unfamiliar faces I had mix emotions. On one hand I wish that those who attended services today would attend every Sunday. On the other hand those unfamiliar faces are people who must believe or why would they be there?
OK, back to those of us who attend church every Sunday or Wednesday I have this question...are we any different from those who attend once a year? Yes, we go to church and hear sermons about Jesus and the bible. We go to Sunday school and learn more about Jesus and the bible, then what do we do with that knowledge?
If you haven't read "Radical" by David Platt I wish you would. This young man has taught to and alongside our christian brothers and sister in other countries who are persecuted for being Christians and must meet in secret. If caught they could be arrested, their homes or church burned down or killed. This past Good Friday he had a simulcast from his church and many of us around the world attended the Secret Church. It was 6 1/2 hours of intense bible study. For such a young man, I believe he is 32, his knowledge of the bible is amazing. It makes you sit back and wonder how such a young man can have so much knowledge and how he has been able to spend so much time in other countries teaching persecuted Christians. Then I remembered another young man who did the same thing and lost his life for it at the age of 33, his hame was Jesus Christ.
To put it in a short version if you are a christian God has called you to first and foremost go to the world and share the gospel. He wants you to care for the widows and orphans and we are to love one another and yes that means your enemy. If you sit in church every week year after year and don't take what you have learned and share it with others then your not doing what God has called all Christians to do.
As he shares in his book many of us drive in our nice car to a church that is usually in a very nice at least million dollar building and sit in our comfortable pews, looking at our decorated stages and then go home or to a restaurant to eat. We worry about having a great youth program with lots of things to entertain our youth so they will attend. Easter egg hunts, carnivals and other events to attract other believers and non believers to our church. Across the other side of the world our brothers and sisters in Christ huddle in small homes, jungles, buildings in secret. They sit on dirt floors, sometimes sixty to a small room. Some have walked for miles or days to get there. Others have left their families with the understanding they may not see them again if caught. Their desire to hear about, learn about and know about Jesus Christ so they can take the gospel to others is radical! They are willing to sacrifice everything for Him.
I am not quoting David Platt word for word but basically he is said what if we made the choice to worship in buildings that were not so high tech, that didnt' have pews that were not so comfortable, that didn't have all the bling and "what programs does it have to make me happy." And then took all that money we saved and used it to help our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ, to go into the world and share the gospel, to help the widows and orphans? What if we in our personal life quit buying extra stuff that we don't need and used that money to help? What if?
This young man is creating quite a stir. He readily admits you may not like him or agree with him as you read this book. Remember they didn't like what Jesus had to say. Honestly it made me squirm and I am not just a pew sitter. But I see that I have much more to do. Jesus died a horrible death on the cross for my sins and all He ask me to do is have the faith of a mustard seed and believe and take the gospel to the world.
I am a advocate for adoption and orphans. I have always said not all of us are called to adopt but we are all called to help. The same goes for missions and spreading the gospel, not all of us are called to go across the ocean, you can begin with your family, neighborhood or city.
 The pictures below are from my recent visit over the ocean. There was nothing fancy about where we were but we had something far more beautiful. Gods presence! Nothing is more beautiful than that.
The stage wasn't decorated fancy

There was no steeple for the cross

It wasn't a million dollar building and the pews were not soft

They had something that was far more valuable

The desire to know Him

and worship Him
One last thing. Like most Christians I am often asked how do you know Jesus is real? My answer is this all that is going on in the world to day, all of it was prophesied, foretold, warned thousand of years ago in the bible. Can you think of any other book that has done this? I have lived without Him in my life and now with Him. And I know that believing in Him and trusting Him has been the greatest decision I have ever made in my life! Heaven or hell? He gave you the choice.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today, well not just today it seems more often than not you see kids trying to act cool, be someone else or something  other than themselves. And It seems they are getting younger and younger. Most of us can relate to those days. I know I did. My most embarrassing moments were in my late teens. So for a few good laughs I thought I would share a couple of my funniest ones with you.
I had two best friends I ran around with. We did everything together, including but not limited to trying to be cool and embarrassing ourselves.
I remember we had borrowed one of our parents car and decided to drive to McAlester. I have no clue why, maybe it was because we hadn't been embarrassed there yet. We pulled into a drive in to order a coke. As luck would have it a car with three cute guys pulled in next to us. We put on our best coolness. You know acting like we didn't notice them, laughing loudly and other sad acts of coolness. Yes, we were pretty cool...until out of know where a bird flew in the car! We freaked, the bird freaked and our coolness flew right out the window with the bird! When all was said and done, it took us what seemed like forever to regain our composure. Remember the coolness went with the bird. The guys were laughing so hard they didn't even notice we left. It goes without saying we never went back to McAlester.
Another time, yet in a parents car we went to Berryhill. That was were we hung out because a lot of our friends lived there. There was this road at Chandler Park that was pretty steep It was just beginning to turn dark and we drove up the road to see if any of our friends were there. Well, as luck would have it three of the cutest guys in Berryhill were sitting in their car listening to music waiting for people to show up. They were parked facing downhill so we drove up next to them facing uphill. We began talking when my friend who was driving put her hand out the window to give one of the guys in the car her phone number. Just as he took the paper my friend who apparently thought she had put the car in park accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake and all of the sudden we were heading down the hill in reverse at about 60 miles an hour! OK how were we going to save face on this one? We decided to wave bye to them like we had planned that! I'm sure the believed us...not. Yes, we took Berryhill off our list of places to hang out. Our list was getting short.
Remember I mentioned we were always in one of our parents cars? My friends parents had a Falcon that had push button reverse, park, neutral and drive. We loved that car. Well, one night let's say we borrowed the car without asking. This was before the ride in reverse down the hill had taken place and we were headed to Berryhill. We always took Avery Drive. If you have ever drove down Avery you know on one side is Chandler Park with the steep cliffs and on the other side was a steep drop off. Well we felt bad about taking the care and decided to get it back home before we were caught. I asked if I could drive. The radio didn't work so we sang the one song we all knew the words to, Carol Kings "It's to late." So, we are driving along singing it was 10pm and pitch black out and my friend yells " I think that's my parents heading this way, duck!" We ducked, yes including yours truly who was driving. I came to my senses in time right before we came to the drop off! Now seriously what good would have ducking done? And it was so dark I don't think her parents would have noticed it was us!
Through the years I have learned that being yourself is much cooler than being something or someone your not. I wish I had realized this in my teens.
I still haven't been back to McAlester or Berryhill!Now I am happy to say I like who I am and who I have become. I hope you will do the same. After all God made you and He doesn't make mistakes! Now how cool is that?!

In the words of one Dr. Seuss,
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”

Monday, April 11, 2011

Prayer, A Coke and a little Faith

In my last post I told you my sister had a stroke. I mentioned miracles. These past nine days since the stroke have been a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs and lots of curves. One thing that has remained strong is my faith. And I have to believe somewhere through all of this somehow, my sister has become stronger than she ever was before.
She wasn't suppose to live and she did. She was suppose to get a trachea and didn't. She was suppose to stay in ICU for "a while" but was moved to the Stroke floor after 4 days. When we couldn't understand her she began using sign language! She began moving her rights side! A very good friend of mine is a Social Worker on the Stroke floor and has helped us with all the paperwork she needs to file. I know I can call her with any questions we may have.
My sisters sense of humor is amazing! Today was wonderful. I asked her if she was near or far sighted and she looked at me and said "I'm blind!" and gave me a look like "duh." Her friends birthday is tomorrow and she asked her if she was going to dance and began acting like she was dancing!
The one small thing my sister wants is a ice cold coke. She has had nothing to eat or drink for nine days. Yes she knows the days. She was waiting for a swallow test. If she passed she would begin to eat and drink through her mouth. Small things like applesauce, ice chips. She was really excited.
 I was standing by her bed watching as she was trying to put her hands together. When they finally came together she looked at me and said "pray." My heart leaped for joy! I said "OK how about let's pray for a coke." She shook her head yes. I began the prayer thanking God for all the miracles He has done for her. I admit I watched her as I prayed and she was intense and never opened her eyes. I prayed she would pass her swallow test.  And asked God if it was OK with Him that my sister have a coke I said amen and so did she. Not five minutes later her precious little CNA came in with a small cup and a swab. She told my sister to open her mouth and she put the swab in. My sisters eyes flew open and doing her very best she said "what is it?" It was coke! The sweet CNA said she had prayed before doing this. It was such a wonderful, kind gesture.
Sometimes were not sure God has  heard our prayers.

But we keep the faith and wait.

We ask good  friend to pray & waits with us

Then one day when we least expect it...Was that Him?!

It was God! He answered my prayer! Not exactly what I asked for but His answer was perfect!
 My sister didnt' pass her swallow test. She didn't flunk it but she didn't quite pass it. But because of prayer and faith she did get her coke! It may have been on a swab but to her it was wonderful! She will try to pass tomorrow!

Friday, April 8, 2011

She had a stroke

Sunday I received a call from my niece that my youngest sister suffered a stroke. All I said is what hospital and ran out the door.
As I drove to the hospital I was trying to keep myself calm. I wanted to be strong for my nieces. They are 17 & 22 and their world had just been turned inside out. A stroke? She is only 49. I prepared myself for what I was getting ready to see & hear. Our family has been through this before with my aunts and both my parents. All the wires, tubes & machines. Trust me it is something you don't want to relive.
There she was. Just lying there. Hooked up to several lifesaving machines. She looked so small and helpless. She is small. She is the youngest of five girls and the tiniest one. I knew prayers were already being said and I decided to focus on believing she was going to pull through this.
The next day she still hadn't responded and I was leaning over her saying her name and she opened her eyes and said "I'm hungry!"  I about had a heart attack she scared the jeebees out of me! I had my husband run and get her daughters. Of course with a stroke your words aren't very clear but let me tell you she said I'm hungry just fine!
 FINALLY at 5:00 we were able to speak to the doctor. He was a very nice man but the look on his face was one of bewilderment. He said "I didn't expect her to live through the night. I am amazed. not only is this a rare type of strokee, a Hemorrhagic stroke  (only 17% of stroke victims suffer this type of stroke) it is rarer (is that a word?) that someone would survive it. Again he shook his head in disbelief." The kid in me wanted to jump up an down, wave my hands and say "I know the answer!" But I composed my self and with a big smile said " I know. God, faith & lots of prayers!" He wouldn't acknowledge this. That's OK. Those who believe, have faith and have prayed give all the glory to God! Miracle number #1
My sister  cognitive part of her brain was not damaged...Thank you God, but her sensory part was. She doesn't know when to swallow so the doctor was concerned about pneumonia. He said if that happened it would kill her. He said they may have to put in a trachea tube possibly the next day. OK more prayers. Note: It is Friday and he said this on Monday guess who still doesn't have a trachea tube? Miracle #2
Yesterday my sister was moved from ICU to the stroke floor. No trachea tube, no heart monitor. Miracle #3
My sister has a long hard road ahead of her. Life as she knew it will never be the same. Through this I expect and believe God is going to do even more miracles.
I give God all the glory but I also want to acknowledge the amazing doctors and the extraordinary nurses in St. Johns Neurotrauma Intensive Care Unit  that took care of my sister with such care and compassion.They are talented, young and beautiful inside and out. Danelle, Natalie, Kendall and Allison you will forever hold a special place in my heart!
If you read this I would be so grateful if you would  pray for my sisters healing.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future; Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, April 4, 2011

One of those days when...

Saturday was one of those days! You know those days that as you are going through it you are not having any fun at all! No matter how hard you try to see the good in it it's not happening.
I work for an Optometrist and I work every other Saturday from 8:45 - 12:30 or 1. Yesterday was my day to work. it started out pretty good. I was up and ready to go. I got to work a little early because I knew we were going to be busy. Our first patients were a family of 3. Let's just say after that it was pretty much down hill.
I wear contacts and  was having a problem seeing. I told my co-worker and she asked if I might have put them in wrong. Now mind you part of my job is training people how to put in their contacts. I was pretty sure I put them in correctly but for the sake of time I switched them. And I swear for a little bit I thought I was seeing better! We had a good laugh and went on with our busy morning. About a hour later I noticed I was having a problem again, so I took them out and put in a new pair, sucked it up and got through the rest of the morning.
I have never had a problem with allergies until this year and it has been awful. So I put 2 and 2 together and figured that my contact problem and eye strain and headache was because of allergies. We had thing to do around the house so I took some allergy meds and got busy.
Mike and I are celebrating our anniversary on Monday so we decided to go out. I was really looking forward to it. I think Mike was too but you would have to ask him.
It was my idea to go to Louie's. I believe they have a location in Tulsa and recently opened up a location in Broken Arrow. Neither of us have ever been there so we thought we would give it a try. We got ready to go out. My head hurt, my eyes were killing  and Mikes back hurt. Whoo hoo! Good times!
So we get to Louie's. I thought it was a nice steak place. It was a sports bar and grill. seriously? Of course Mike was happy! TVs all around with the final four basketball game going on all of them. Hellooooooo.
The food was good. It just wasn't what I had planned. By now my eyes were killing me! So what does one do on their anniversary after a fine dining experience? Go to Lowes you say? If that was your guess you are correct! It was my idea. Don't judge me!!!
After we left Lowes we went to Starbucks. It was around 8:30 and there were some people setting up a big telescope. Apperantly it is Astronomy month or something like that and Saturn was going to be out. There was this theme. Saturn on Saturday, Stars and Starbucks. ok. Any whooo.. We were sitting outside drinking our Frappacinno which I love and my stomach hates watching these people look for Saturn. I noticed as I looked at the street lights and stars they seemed to look like huge glowing balls. Now I begin to freak out!
I am thinking all sorts of things. I have a tumor, developing triple cataracts...I just new it was bad!
I told Mike I wanted to go home. I was getting ready for bed and took out my contacts. When I took the right contact out and placed it in my case there was two! I look on the left side to make sure there was only one in there. I have no clue but some how I ended up with 2 contacts in my right eye. No wonder I couldn't see, my eyes felt strained, I had a headache and streetlights looked like huge glowing balls!
At the time none of this seemed all. But the next day as I looked back all I could do was laugh! It's just depends on how you "look" at it.