Monday, April 11, 2011

Prayer, A Coke and a little Faith

In my last post I told you my sister had a stroke. I mentioned miracles. These past nine days since the stroke have been a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs and lots of curves. One thing that has remained strong is my faith. And I have to believe somewhere through all of this somehow, my sister has become stronger than she ever was before.
She wasn't suppose to live and she did. She was suppose to get a trachea and didn't. She was suppose to stay in ICU for "a while" but was moved to the Stroke floor after 4 days. When we couldn't understand her she began using sign language! She began moving her rights side! A very good friend of mine is a Social Worker on the Stroke floor and has helped us with all the paperwork she needs to file. I know I can call her with any questions we may have.
My sisters sense of humor is amazing! Today was wonderful. I asked her if she was near or far sighted and she looked at me and said "I'm blind!" and gave me a look like "duh." Her friends birthday is tomorrow and she asked her if she was going to dance and began acting like she was dancing!
The one small thing my sister wants is a ice cold coke. She has had nothing to eat or drink for nine days. Yes she knows the days. She was waiting for a swallow test. If she passed she would begin to eat and drink through her mouth. Small things like applesauce, ice chips. She was really excited.
 I was standing by her bed watching as she was trying to put her hands together. When they finally came together she looked at me and said "pray." My heart leaped for joy! I said "OK how about let's pray for a coke." She shook her head yes. I began the prayer thanking God for all the miracles He has done for her. I admit I watched her as I prayed and she was intense and never opened her eyes. I prayed she would pass her swallow test.  And asked God if it was OK with Him that my sister have a coke I said amen and so did she. Not five minutes later her precious little CNA came in with a small cup and a swab. She told my sister to open her mouth and she put the swab in. My sisters eyes flew open and doing her very best she said "what is it?" It was coke! The sweet CNA said she had prayed before doing this. It was such a wonderful, kind gesture.
Sometimes were not sure God has  heard our prayers.

But we keep the faith and wait.

We ask good  friend to pray & waits with us

Then one day when we least expect it...Was that Him?!

It was God! He answered my prayer! Not exactly what I asked for but His answer was perfect!
 My sister didnt' pass her swallow test. She didn't flunk it but she didn't quite pass it. But because of prayer and faith she did get her coke! It may have been on a swab but to her it was wonderful! She will try to pass tomorrow!

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