Friday, May 30, 2008


No pictures yet, too tired. It is 1:30 am Friday morning. Jet lag. God has to be stirring my heart, I feel it. It is almost overwhelming. I feel Him waking beside me, I mean literally. I am at yet another crossroad of my life. Unemployed, but knowing if I just let Him do His work it will be OK. It is amazing what happens when we give it all, not some, all to God. I was looking at my three girls tonight and my heart ached for the Chapman family. See, they are so good and so real, that you feel like you are part of their family. We all lost little Maria. If anyone will search for the purpose in this and use it for good it will be the Chapman's.
Last week while in Korea I told you we met a birth mother who was leaving the office after choosing to make an adoption plan for her newborn daughter. She was young, overwhelmed, grieving and had questions. She wanted too know if we think birth mothers are bad, no good. My answer surprised her. You are an angel too many, who chose, over your own broken heart too give your daughter a life, better than what you knew deep in your heart, you were unable to give her. Will I see my daughter again one day? That is up to you and your daughter. I wanted to keep her but knew I couldn't, my heart is broken. I gave her a hug. Now the hard part here is Jordan and Cameron were sitting right there. Cameron was not paying that much attention, but Jordan was. It was a tough place to be, but we have raised strong girls and we have been honest about their adoption and they had the unique opportunity to see what their birth mothers went through. Jordan later told me that it broke her heart. Later we saw her walking down the street, kind of swaying and you could tell she was overwhelmed by grief. All alone walking down the street after giving up her baby. We had to walk by her and she touched Jordan and looked into her eyes, like tell me you understand. None of us will ever forget that young woman. Ever.
Korea was wonderful, such a beautiful country. I thank God that He provided for us to take this trip, oh yeah and Pres. Bush for the stimulus check. :)
I have so many things to do. Hug Away is the biggie. There are many families that need our help and we need to raise more money. There are orphans who need us and we need more money. Anyone know some famous person that might want to help us! :)
Not to go into the gory details and to make a pitiful story short, I got very ill about 30 minutes before we landed in Dallas. Let's put it this way they had an ambulance waiting for me. It got me through customs a lot quicker! Anyway after a few hours in the emergency room, they released me. There were storms in the area and flights were back logged. I was too sick too fly so my awesome, wonderful husband got a hotel room for the night. The next day the flights were still back logged. Our friend Natalie, drove all the way from Tulsa to Dallas to pick us up and bring us home. She offered to do this, we didn't ask. Is that a friend or what? Switched her days off at work to do this. Natalie I know you read this and we are so very grateful! We owe you! (not Taco Bueno, I don't care what Mike says..or Taco Bell!) Love ya!
That night in the hotel room I was laying in bed thinking I was dying and Kennedy said "mommy, when you got sick on the plane you broke my heart." Gulp.
To end my night tonight, I heard from all of my sons and we are safe at home. My heart is full.
"God thank you for this and please, please be with the Chapman family. I know that right now you have beautiful Maria helping you." amen

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Chad and Dana said...

Elaine - choking back the tears here. I look forward to hearing more about your trip. I'm so sorry to hear that you got sick...yuck. Praying you are back to your crazy self soon! If you find that rich famous person to support your ministry...send them my way next!!!