Monday, May 26, 2008

Time to say goodbye

This is our last night in Korea. After a very long day of visiting a home for children and visiting the Folk Village we opted to stay in and pack. The week flew by like I knew it would but it has been wonderful. Beverlee and Mr. Chae have treated us like royalty.
As I have said many times I believe we were here for a reason. There were several reasons that were obvious and some not so much.
The night we arrived I met a young birth mother. The girls and I were standing in the foyer and she accidentally bumped Cameron. To make a long story short, she had just given birth to a little girl four days before and had just a few hours before made the very unselfish yet heartbreaking decision to place her daughter for adoption. She was crying and had tons of question's. We had a translator so I let her ask whatever she desired. She was sobbing so hard, the whole thing broke my heart. I will post more about her later.
The next thing was we were on the same floor with a couple who were adopting an 11 month old. They are from Kansas and we all just hit it off. She had her mother with them and she is great. The little girl was brought to them last night and she was not taking the transition well at all. She was grieving so badly and asking for "omma." We all decided to eat in and let her be around our girls. That made her very happy. She really attached to Cameron. Seeing and playing with the girls made all the difference. After that she slept all night and was a happy camper this morning before they left. We exchanged info and will keep in touch.
Well this is my last post from Korea. Once I get home I will share pictures and more about our time with the birth mother.

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