Friday, May 23, 2008


I could not post anything yesterday out of respect for the Chapman family. I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting and being interviewed by Mr. Chapman a few years ago. He is so real. It was like talking to an old friend. He is very real and humble. You can tell this family is passionate about what they do. Please keep each of the Chapmans in your prayer.
Ok Korea. I love this country. This is my third trip here (we don't count a 6 hour stay in the airport coming home from Vietnam.) Mike and I agree it is the perfect blend of old world meets new world. It is so great having Mike here along with the girls. I hope someday our sons can come with us.
Thursday we met Elder Dr. Kim founder of the agency. He is 93 years old and when you are in a room with him you feel like you are with an angel. He is a christian and until a few years ago would climb a mountain every morning to pray. We also met his daughter who is the new President of Eastern. She is like her father, very kind and humble.
Afterwards we met the girls Foster mother's. They were so excited to see the girls. But that part is private and if the girls choose to share they will.
Afterwards we went to the War Museum. Phenonemal! They have a floor for every war they have fought in. It is so amazing, Mike was full of questions. Afterward we went shopping! That is always an experience! When we got back to the agencey about 6 pm we crashed, didn't even eat dinner.
Friday we were up early and off to Anyang where Jordan was born. We played with the babies and talked to the Director about some of their needs. They need alot! Hopefully Hug Away can help. We are now in Gwangiu where Cameron was born. It is about 5 hours south out of Seoul. It is beautiful, but so far Mike and I stand out like well white people! They are very rare around here.
Today we will do a little sight seeing and head back to Seoul. We are getting ready to leave, but I will post more later.

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