Monday, January 18, 2010

Sponsorship in Ethiopia

A few weeks I posted about the Hug Away Foundation starting a sponsorship program in Ethiopia. At this point we have 24 children who need sponsors. We are looking at possibly up to 200. But right now we have the 24 who are considered the poorest of the poor and are literally surviving day to day. We need to get them sponsors as quickly as possible.
We also need to raise money to help the school. They need so much. 3 computers, a couple of printers, digital camera. They have a kitchen but it really needs a lot of work, supplies and food! We are also going into the community and hoping to help with several needs there.
We really need some people to step up and help us.Please don't assume that someone else will. That is not always the case. We can't do this without your help.
If you are interested in sponsoring a child email me at
It is $30 a month and that will pay for their education and 2 meals a day. This is the only meals these kids will get.
If you can help us with a donation of any amount at all that would be wonderful. Maybe you can get your church, company, girl or boy scout troop involved. We would be so gratful. Our website is
Please, help us help them.

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