Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I am taking this wonderful bible study called "Discerning The Voice OF GOD" by Priscilla Shirer. It is wonderful. She teaches you that in order to hear from God you must commune with Him. Makes sense. When you have asked God or made a request to God, waiting on the answer can be, well for lack of a better word, excruciating! Sometimes He has answered us but we are so busy still asking for an answer we miss it. God answers us in His own time and in different ways. He answers us through that still small voice that gives us peace, through circumstances, people and His written word.
God has answered many of my prayers and when I look back it amazes me on the many ways He went about it.
The most recent example. I lead an adoption group at my church. It began 21/2 years ago with a bang, but slowly the attendance began to dwindle and there was really only 3 of us that consistently showed up. I no longer felt the desire to lead and after much prayer I decided to let it go and I had a peace about it, but a small part of me felt guilty, a very small part. As if to tell me "Elaine it really is ok to let it go" God sent confirmation through a prayer that a wonderful woman who came to one of our meetings only one time. Mind you this is the only time I have ever met her and she felt compelled to email me. Through a prayer that God laid on her heart to write and send me came the final confirmation and then there was complete and total peace. It was amazing.
Now adoption is my passion and I have no doubt that God will use me to get the word out. But in order to know His will for me I have to stay in His word, stay in prayer and be aware of circumstances and people He puts before me. Did I tell you that the wonderful woman who sent me the prayer is a professional speaker on adoption? Pretty cool.

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