Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our God is an awesome God!

Guess what I got for my birthday? A JOB!!!! A wonderful part time job! It is an answer to prayer. I kept the faith and God answered my prayers.
I also gave myself a puppy! Happy Birthday to me from me! He is a 3 month old part border collie/beagle and his name is Brody. His eyes are so blue they are almost white.
And the biggest news of all, We received the paperwork/ approval for THE HUG AWAY FOUNDATION to become a non profit. And the very bestest news (quote Cameron!) after a very long delay Ms. Kennedy will officially be ours February 15th! And we celebrated Kennedy's Gotcha Day with her travel and orphanage buddy cutie Kein & his sweet parents Brad & Cynthia who are moving closer to us! Yeah!
I have such a story to tell about how God taught me a lesson.
Ok I was having a pity party a couple of weeks ago. That night God spoke to me and said "Elaine you are so good at reading christian books and inspirational quotes, writing your own inspirational thoughts, going to church, going to Sunday school but when is the last time you read my book? I mean really, really read it? ouch. I walked over to my bible and it literally feel open to Job! I kind of moaned, I wanted something uplifting. Anyway it was open to a page where God is really getting on to Job. Asking him questions about what God has done, you know make the planets, the oceans, raise the dead...really giving poor Job what for, for doubting Him. Well it was like He was yelling at me. Honestly I told a friend I could literally feel Him shouting out me, so disappointed that I did not trust Him enough to handle my problems. My heart broke. How can I, a person who loves God so much and want to please Him treat Him like that. I read and read. Needless to say I gave my pity party to God and the next day 3 job offers! And more important peace.
God wants us to depend on Him completely. I really don't know why we don't it is a wonderful feeling knowing how much He loves us and that He wants to take care of us.
Thank you God.

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