Thursday, February 19, 2009


Cody taking Jordan shopping for her birthday.

14 years ago today a precious little girl with rosebud lips was born in S. Korea. Little did we know this little one would change our lives in ways we never could have imagined. She would introduce us to the world of adoption and show us that blood does not make a family, love does. When my husband who flew to Los Angeles to bring her home, placed her in my arms, I felt just like I did when my sons were placed in my arms, like my heart was going to burst with love.
But our joy also meant there was a woman who gave birth to this beautiful girl and because of her unselfish love for Jordan, she gave us the greatest gift of all, a child. I pray that not only today but for always she will know that Jordan is a kind, good, loving, beautiful old soul, who thinks of her often. She is a wonderful daughter, sister and friend. Most of all I would want her to know that she is loved unconditionally. Happy Birthday Myung Hwa you are Bright & Beautiful.

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