Monday, February 23, 2009

Eagles & Geese

Do you ever have a morning where you wake up and you just know that something or someone is going to touch your heart and open your mind and eyes in a way that will change your outlook on things? Well, that happened to me this morning.
First, I turned on Joyce Meyers as always and she was speaking about Commitment and used the eagle as an example.
The Eagle
After the first year of life an eagle is pretty independent. It can soar a little, it can use its talons and it's eyes are a little sharper.
During the 4th year it begins to feel a little different. It goes through a change. He is growing up.
Now he looks for a mate, not just any mate but mate for life, a commitment. But girlfriend is not going to make this easy!
He spots the lady of choice, she notices. now to test him she will pick up a twig and soars 10,000 feet in the air and then drop it! If he is interested he will soar down and pick up the twig. Oh, it doesn't end there! This girl is looking for a true blue guy! The real thing! So she does this several times except she picks up lighter sticks, flies lower and drops them and he must pick them up but now they feel heavier. If he is committed he will keep doing this. The last stick is the heaviest one and he must catch it in air. If he doesn't she flies off! Now if he does all of this for her she knows he is the one. She will soar in the air and fly on her back. He will fly over her and their talons will connect and they will begin to fall to the earth until right before the hit! He would rather die than lose her. They mate for life. If she dies he will take care of the kids. Now if this doesn't take Isaiah 40:31 to a whole new level then you don't get it!
How committed are you to Jesus Christ. He is committed to you. Now most people would just look at all the bad things in their life and never the blessings. Well another cool thing about eagles is they know the storms is coming. They do not run from the storm they allow the storm to lift them above it! That is what we should do with the trials in our life. Let them be lessons and learn from them. Rise above the storm!

Well as if starting my morning out with the eagle story was not awesome enough as I was getting in my car this morning I heard a flock of geese above me. I looked up and there they were in there typical V flying mode. Geese always fly like this. But if you see part of the V missing you will not see in geese that are already in formation make up for it. It will stay empty until the lost geese find their way back in or if one has died it stays empty.
As I looked up and saw this I said out loud to Kennedy " I think we are about to witness something pretty cool." As I buckled her in, I heard geese again and this time it was the lost ones. They were flying around looking lost and a little frantic. I got in my car to follow them. Sure enough here comes the flying V looking for their lost friends. The lost geese start flying as hard as their wings would allow to get back to thier friends in the V formation. When they caught up with them the lost geese went right back into their spot in the formation. It was an amazing thing to watch.
It made me think of our relationship with Jesus. No matter how many times we fall out of "formation" or in other words if we stray from Him or His word, he will not leave us or replace His. He will always come back for us and if we have any sense we will follow Him.
Amazing how simple an Eagle and Geese life is. Today I learned so much. I believe God knew that I needed the Eagle analogy and too see the geese. He knew I would get it. I hope you do too.

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