Sunday, February 8, 2009

Prayers for Dustin

Dustin deploys in a few hours. But last night while he was at a friends house watching tv and just hanging out enjoying their last free night in the states for a while some guys came up and started trouble. Dustin went outside to see what was going on. They were attacking one of his friends. Dustin ran out to help him and got hit from behind and knocked out. His other friend runs out to help Dustin. There was Dustin and 3 other guys and about 10 of the guys who for whatever reason came to the house. Dustin doesn't remember anything, but they said he stood back up and they nailed him again. He has a concussion, busted lip, chip tooth and a bruise on his face. After the guys ran off, they found Dustin in the desert (part of the yard I guess) called the police and the police called the ambulance. No Dustin and his friends are not in trouble, they were attacked.
What truly disturbs me is this not unusual. Some of the locals do not like the marines and this happens often. So basically idiots going around attacking the people who defend them. What is wrong with this picture? God has to be looking down with a broken heart.
I am asking for several prayers. One that Dustin heals, that he is not delayed in his deployment because of this (it would mess a lot of things up) they catch the guys that did it and that he will come home safe from his deployment.

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