Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Dustin is on his way.
I found this poem on the marine parent support group I am on. I hope that someone who dislikes the very men and women who fight and sometimes die for our many freedoms will read this and understand that they have CHOSE too fight for YOU.


He steps onto the bootprints embedded in the sand
Bootprints of another who has walked that dusty land.
It is his turn to "cycle in" his journeys' just begun
It's time to relieve his brother and the job that he has done.
The battle will continue on, the long months lie ahead
It's time to send his brother home, to stand his place instead.
In silence they exchange a glance, each passes by the other
Unspoken words of grattitude, Semper Fi, OohRah my brother.

Bootprints of another kind, belonging to their "Mothers"
As one steps off, the other on, they wonder about each other.
They've shared the same emotions, just both at different times
It is her son that's coming home, the one deployed is mine.
And yet I know within my heart, when needed she will step
Back upon those bootprints, and not with one regret!
And so in time I will accept the torch that's passed to me
And carry it with endearing pride for our son's across the sea.

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Anita said...

Praying for you Momma as your son puts his feet firmly on the path God has for him! Big Hugs as you let him go and prayers for God's protection for Dustin!