Friday, February 6, 2009

Are you through?

There is the innocent "are you through adopting" and the "I hope your through" adopting question. The second one irritates me too no end. When my husband and I are asked that question I want too say to the person " are you through eating, shopping, breathing, having children, going to work, SERVING GOD?" Well?
I went to the grocery store and saw a friend. We started talking about adoption and she asked me if we were "through" I am getting to the point I gag on that question. I told her we would never close the door on a child if God called us. I got the "are you crazy" look. sigh. May I say right here and now if God calls us too adopt again then we will! And if this happened this would affect you how? We would never shut out Gods plan for our lives. I would like too remind those who know us that because we were called to adopt and were faithful and obedient we were blessed beyond belief with 3 daughters through adoption. Our sons are wonderful blessings from God. My point is this, we were so happy with our little family but God had a different plan for us and we are so glad He did! Our sons are feel the same way. Our daughters have the most wonderful big brothers! They would do anything for them. As a matter of fact they have said if something happened to myself and my husband that they want to raise them. Of course I have some great girlfriends and sisters who would help! But I think that says a lot for our sons.
I would never question Gods calling on someones life...never. I would never go up to someone and say "Oh, only one child, two children, you don't plan on having or adopting anymore?" So please don't question us. This is what God, not man has called us to do.
Now with that being said I do feel God is getting ready to do something "big" in our lives. I have no clue what that may be, but whatever it is I know we will be blessed!

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One of Us said...

You go girl! I share the same feelings.