Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sad Dog

This is my sons dog Brody. Actually he was a birthday present to my self last year, but the minute my son came home on leave it was love at first sight and he became Dustin's dog.
He misses Dustin a lot. A few months ago I looked in my backyard and there was a blue heeler pup. He was the cutest thing and had blue eyes kind of like Brodys except a little darker. He had crawled under our fence from our new neighbors house. The neighbors are a pain but we fell in love with the puppy. Every morning at the exact time he would come into our backyard and then come up to our sliding glass door and look in the house for Brody. Brody would get so excited and then they would spend all day out back between the two yards playing. It was so funny to watch.
Yesterday I noticed that Oreo (the pup) didn't show up. Seems his masters moved in the middle of the night and took Oreo with them. Brody has looked out the window since then. When he goes out he looks and looks for Oreo. It is just sad.
What is really pathetic is the fact they have like 10 cats and this one cute dog and they don't take care of any of them. I just hope wherever Oreo is he is ok. I kind of hope they didn't move to far and that he runs away and shows up in our backyard!

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