Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hug Away needs your help

Mike with some children in S.Korea

Ok Blogger family and friends I am asking you to do something for Hug Away. We have applications for grants and not enough money to help these families. Here is the deal,Hug Away has relied on fundraisers like car washes, change drives and donations from awesome people who believe in us. God has been good and last year we helped 4 families with grants. During this time God has shown and taught me so much.
One of the things God has laid on my heart is to reach out and help orphans who will not be adopted. Hug Away is expanding its ministry and we will begin helping an orphanage in Ethiopia and my friend Bethany O'Connors wonderful Baby Safe program in Africa through our "Hope for Orphans" ministry. We also hope to find a way to help the orphans in Vietnam. God has placed these desires on my heart and I know without a doubt if we are faithful and give Him the glory these ministries will make a difference in the lives of families who have been called to adopt and the children who will not be adopted.
We need donations. It is that simple and yet that hard.I am not going to put a guilt trip on you about how much your coffee or pop cost everyday. Giving should come from the heart and not out of guilt. I know times are scary and tough right now, but this does not stop our God! Friends, I can tell you from experience that we serve an awesome God and as long as we keep the faith and don't let the world around us hinder our walk it will be OK.
If you can give anything it would be appreciated. Here are some ways you can make a donation.
Go to our website and donate on line. You can give a one time donation or have a flat fee taken from you checking account or credit card each month. You can also send a check or money order to:
The Hug Away Foundation, P.O. Box 1241 Broken Arrow, OK 74013.
We can't do this without your help. Not all families called to adopt have the money for the adoption itself. I know because we have been there. As a matter of fact most don't. Really, who has that kind of money laying around? Adoption is a step of faith and we want to help those familes called to adopt bring the child God has waitng for them home. Every child should know that there is someone in this big world who cares. We want to go into the world and show them Gods love, and give them hope, give them a hug. We want to tell them about Jesus.
I hope you will prayerfully consider to be part of this journey. Not only will you make a difference in the lives of families called to adopt, you will make a difference in the lives of children who have never known anything but neglect and despair. You will also be blessed. There is nothing like the feeling of "I made a difference."
I would ask everyone to pray for Hug Away, how you can help and for those whose lives we will touch. If you could spread the word and let others know about Hug Away and maybe pass this blog on to friends, family, co-workers, your employer, your church, that would be so awesome and we would be so grateful. If you ever need someone to come speak to your group or church about adoption or how you can make the difference in the life of an orphan, we would love to come share! Education is power and the more people know the more willing they are to help.
We are updating our website so keep checking it out. It is going to be fantastic. It will have lots of information not only on Hug Away but about adoption, links to agencies, books and well, just lots of cool stuff. Any questions you can email me at
Thank you ahead of time! We will make a difference!
God Bless each and everone of you!
The Hug Away Foundaiton

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