Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Story

I had a lousy day. It started off pretty good, but then it took a nose dive! Anyway, I was laying on my bed having one of those conversations with God in my head, when Kennedy walked in and said "mommy will you make up a story too tell me?" I was mentally exhausted and just didn't have it in me. I looked at that precious face and began telling her this story.
A long time ago there was a young girl who wanted to be a lawyer or photographer when she grew up. She wanted that more than anything else in the world. But that did not happen. She got married and had a son.One day her husband left her and their son all alone. She had to raise her little boy alone for 10 years and it was very hard. They kind of grew up together. Then one day she met a very nice man, fell in love and they got married. He loved her and her young son. They had a son together and then another son. The lady was so happy! She loved being a mommy to her three sons. She couldn't imagine anything better. Then the lady heard about Jesus and asked Him to live in her heart and she became a Christian. Her husband had been asking her for a very long time to think about adopting a little girl. She didn't really want too. She was so happy with her three sons. But not long after she asked Jesus to come into her heart, He spoke to her and told her it was time to adopt. They adopted a little girl from S. Korea. Oh my! The lady could not believe that she could be so happy, but she was. It was then she realized that God had a different plan for her life all along. She was never suppose to be a lawyer or a photographer, she was to be a mommy. She loved being a mommy more than anything else in the world. Her family was complete! She loved being a mommy to three sons and a daughter. But one day her little girl said she wanted a baby sister. They prayed and God answered their prayers and they adopted another little girl from S. Korea. Finally their family was complete! She loved being a mommy to three sons and two daughters! Several years went by and one day the mommy heard God speak to her heart about adopting again. She thought God had the wrong mommy! She said God " I love being a mommy more than anything n the world, but I am older and I just don't think I can do it." But God kept speaking to her heart and she told her husband. He said no! But God kept on and so did the mommy. One day the daddy said ok. Mommy was so happy! She was so sure they were suppose to adopt from China. She had waited so long for her husband to say yes but when she received the paperwork for China she could not fill it out. It was like something was holding her back. She didn't understand. Then one day she heard that you could adopt from Vietnam. She asked her friend who did the adoptions for Vietnam if there were any little girls that needed a family. Her friend smiled and said "I know the perfect little girl for your family. I have visited her, she loves books and she is so sweet." She showed the mommy a picture of the little girl and the mommy smiled and said "that is our daughter." The daddy was so happy and so were her sisters and brothers. After many months the mommy and grandma went to Vietnam to bring the little girl home.. When mommy saw "Oanh" they looked at each other and smiled. Then you reached up to me and I picked you up and you kissed me. I just held you and kissed on you and thanked God once again for making me a mommy, the best job in the world!
As I told this story to Kennedy she never took her eyes off of me. Then as I got to the end I saw tears in her eyes and she hugged me. As I sat her down and took her to bed she said "mommy, thank you for telling me a make up story." I looked at her and said "baby girl, that is a very true story." She looked at me and smiled. She knew that, she just wanted to hear me say it.
So as I believe God may be speaking to my heart about adoption again and I think to myself "are you kidding me?!" I will remember this journey He chose for me and the blessings that He gave me along the way. The End. Or is it? Hmm.....


Kim said...

This brought tears to my eyes! So Sweet!

One of Us said...

Such a wonderful (true) story! I have tears in my eyes now, so please excuse any typos! :-)