Sunday, April 12, 2009

Love One Another

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Ours was awesome. We were able to speak to all of our sons today. Dustin webcamed in and we took the lap top to the dinner table and he "joined" us for lunch! It was pretty cool. Like I said before I love technology! It was rainy and cloudy but remembering what Easter is all about brings a light into our lives like no other. When we arrived at church today Kennedy saw our pastor whom she adores and went running to him. He picked her up and he asked her if she knew why we celebrate Easter. She said because Jesus died on the cross for us. I am not sure what he asked her next, but the next thing I hear was "And He rose again!" He just looked at me and I was smiling. It is important that even though we give our kids Easter baskets that they know why we celebrate Easter. It is not about bunnies and egg hunts, it is because Jesus died for our sins we are promised eternal life with Him when we believe and invite Him into our hearts.
I have mentioned that I believe God has been speaking to my heart about adoption. During this time many things have been on my heart. I truly believe God is preparing us for "something" significant and it will have something to do with adoption in some way. My passion is sharing with others about adoption and hopefully through Hug Away help them with some of the financial barriers that comes along with the journey. Unfortunately, Hug Away is suffering. There is no money and none coming in. To be honest There are days I feel like Hug Aways days are numbered, but I hang onto the fact that God planted this dream in my heart and He has great plans for the foundation. So what does this have to do with us possibly adopting again? Everything. I think how in the world could we possibly do this again? Then I remember we serve an awesome God and if it is His desire it will happen as long as we have faith and trust in Him.
We have had people ask us why? Why did you adopt? Why international? Why if you don't have the money? Why pay all that money? How do you know the child will not have issues? Are you sure you can love them as your own? Here are some answers.
1.Adoption is about love. Love is the greatest commandment. God ask us to do "love one another." God adopted all who believe into His family. We are all His children. God places a desire in your heart to reach out to a child who needs a family, who needs to know someone loves them.
2. I believe where you adopt is something God lays on your heart. It is a tug that you can not deny.
3. No money. Faith.
4. All that money. Actually quite a bit of the money will go to the orphanages in the country to take care of the needs of the children who will not be adopted.
5. Issues. How do you know your birth children will not have issues? You don't. But you love them with all you have and are there for them when they need you.
6. Loving them. I have been blessed to give birth to 3 sons and adopt 3 daughters. I can honestly say that I love my children the same. It didn't matter if they were placed in my arms in the hospital or the airport, each time I thought my heart would bust because of my love for them. It's not about blood it is about heart.
Adopting our daughters revealed to me my purpose. Adoption. I often look at my daughters and think of each of their stories. They each have one you know. Their lives began at conception in another woman's womb. They were born in another country. They are Korean/American and Vietnamese/American. They are our daughters.

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Amen sister! 'Nuff said. :-)