Friday, June 27, 2008


I have never had a child who could not pronounce their ''L's.'' Kennedy came home at the age of 2 1/2 and in no time was speaking English better than most kids who were born and raised here. But those L's. For her birthday she received a huge rainbow colored lollipop. The other day she came downstairs all upset yelling "My wollipop, my wollipop it's gone!" Tears were streaming down her face. She was so upset but it was hard not to smile because she was so darn cute! I asked Cameron if she had Kennedys wollipop and Cameron said no. Kennedy cried "she is wyin! (Lying) It was very hard not to laugh. After she calmed down I told her it was not nice to call her sister a wiaer, I mean liar. She apologized. That night she came into my room about midnight and told me her room was scary. I told her it was a nice room and that she was a big girl and needed to go back to her own bed. She looked at me with such sad eyes and said "Mommy, I want to be 3 again I am tired of being 4." I asked why? She said "because when I was 3 I was still your baby and you let me sleep with you." :( Is she the baby of the family or what? I think she knows how to work me!

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