Thursday, June 19, 2008


First let me say that Jordan's Gotcha Day was the 17th. That is when I made the post, but I wrote it on the 16th and saved it so...

I just left a friend who is waiting on travel clearance so they can travel to S. Korea to bring their sweet baby girl home! We are so excited for them. We were able to help them because of people who cared.
I have been doing a lot of thinking. Hug Away has been up and going since
January and have been able to help a couple of families, we have our website up and we are getting the word out. Then the gas prices have sky rocketed, food prices are going up and on an on.
I have to admit I have had some moment's where I have thought "what is the point.?" We need money to help families and people are hanging on to their money. BUT again God in His awesome way gave me hope in my heart again when I received a letter from one of my two children I sponsor through World Vision. My girl I have had for 4 years and the little boy for about 5 months. He was considred a basically a last chance child because he was a boy and 11 years old. That is so sad. So now he knows someone cares. He lives in Kenya and my 7 year old girl lives in Uganda.
My point? I am not tooting my horn here but the fact is no matter how bad my finances are (trust me they are not good) no matter what, I made sure I found the money for my sponsor kids. They were not going to do without. They are my babies and I made a commitment to them. They are counting on me.
No matter how bad the economy or our personal finances are and no matter how hard it is getting to adopt, there will always be families who step out in faith and adopt trusting God to provide for their needs and sadly there will always be orphans. Those who need us the most. Please pray about this. Help us help them.
My carpet needs replaced, but there is a child tonight who would love to lay on that carpet. My living room and kitchen need paint, but somewhere there are siblings with no parents hugging each other to protect themselves from the elements. I am having left overs again. There is a child digging through a garbage dump hoping to find something to eat. I may not have the nicest house, the best car or designer clothes, but compared to the life hundreds of thousands of children live everyday, I am very rich.
We are not all called to adopt, but we are called to help the "least of these" the most helpless, the most vunerable. That is the least we should do. Give back. Please pray about how you can make a difference. You can!

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