Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mothers and Sons and a Son for a moment

I have three sons. I was a mom to sons for 17 years before we adopted our first daughter Jordan. I loved it. I was the oldest of five girls so I adored being mom to three boys, the only girl in the house. Of course I love being mom to three precious daughters, but that is totally different. But for now this is about the relationship between mothers and sons. It is very special. My sons still call me to talk about "stuff" we have a very good relationship and they know I am always just a phone call away.
My boy's have always wanted to protect me. Even when they were younger they would protect me, oh you know from mice or mosquito's, spiders... Now they are grown and they would be there for me in a minute if I was in trouble.
They are all grown up and on their own and I miss them so much. Oh, I see Michael and Cody once in a while and Dustin is for now living on a Marine Base in California, so for this mom I don't see them near enough. They are young men with their own life's to live. This past week I have really been missing them to the point my heart aches. I miss their smiles, strong hugs and laughing at silly stuff. I miss their crazy stories ( well some, not so much :))
Last night for several reason's I was restless and couldn't sleep. I woke up and my thoughts would turn to my children. I knew my daughter's were safe in their bed's but I wondered how my son's were doing. Michael is in San Antonio on a job right now., Cody works a late shift and Dustin is a Marine. Again, I prayed for their safety and that God would bless them. Again the ache comes back and tear's come to my eye's. Where did the time go? One day they are wrestling in our living room and then they are moving by one. It goes way to fast.
But God in His wonderful way took a little bit of the pain away today. I have a friend who moved to Florda a few years ago. Her husband is a preacher. She has 3 great kids. Today I walked into worship towards where I usually sit and I see this tall, dark, handsome young man standing in front of the pew where I sit and when he sees me this huge grin comes across his face and I realize it is my friends oldest son! I got a big bear hug and he said " I am going to sit with you today!
He made my day. He has no clue how happy I was to see him, how blessed I was he was sitting next to me and how fun it was to have a few good laughs with a son, even if he wasn't mine. Yes, for a little while this mom had her son fix. Of all the people he knows in that church ( he grew up there and knows everyone ) I had the joy of having him sit next to me. Thank you Ben.

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