Saturday, September 1, 2007

No Doubts

Back in May our little friend Niki who at the time was 20 months old almost drowned. Niki had like a 5% chance of making it. She is one of God's miracles. I just found out she may go home in a couple of weeks, just in time for her 2nd birthday, a birthday many doubted she would ever see. Not those who love her!
From day one Pam ( Niki calls her Aunt Pam) has been faithful emailing friends and family with updates on Niki. Pam's family is very close to Niki's family. I know myself and many others look forward to those updates. They give us hope and remind us that Our God is a God of miracles. Pam always ends her updates with the words "with no doubts."
Niki is coming home." Wow that sounds good.
We often ask ourselves why bad things happen? The truth is we don't know why, they just do.
Niki's parents have taught me so much. Their faith has never wavered. They have looked to God for strength and hope. The fact is bad things happen. Do we blame God? Do we vow never to seek Him again? I hope not. Part of life is hanging in there when bad things happen. Looking to God for strength and courage. Leaning on Him when we can't stand it anymore. To persevere.
Niki is coming home. She has long road ahead but for those who love her we have "no doubts" she will be completely healed.
But when he asks, he must beleive and not doubt. James 1:6

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