Sunday, September 2, 2007

Heavy deep sigh

That is all I have been doing for the last 24 hours. I feel depressed, moody and on the verge of tears. No its not that time of the month, haven't had those in a while, no it isn't menapause, been there done that and besides my husband would never let me run out of my "woman pill's." It's not Dustin leaving. Maybe it's the fact I have stepped out in faith and I will be leaving my job 4 weeks from today and I need to find another part time job. Part of me is yelling to myself
" ARE YOU CRAZY?! '' WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! Good grief what happened to my faith, my hope the last couple of days? Tell me Lord I have not made a huge mistake. Tell me it was you calling me to this ministry and while your at it take these blues away. Oh and if you could find a way for a few thousand dollars to come my way, then I wouldn't have to work. Now the thought of that puts a smile on my face. :)
I know I do this to myself. Deep in my heart I know I am doing what I am suppose to be doing but the human in me is FREAKING OUT!!!!
Ok Elaine lets see here...
God called you to this ministry
God is going to provide you a job, the perfect job for you.
God will meet your needs
You will be blessed
but I am still FREAKING OUT!!!
I hate feeling like this. hate it, hate it, hate it. So satan is having a field day with me right now. One thing I know for sure, this too will pass.


karen said...

Elaine, Thank you for talking to me Fri. I know God had a reason for the both of us to be there. Also Thank You for the the things you told me, I needed to here that. And know that there are prayer going up for you.
karen mannon

Kelley G said...

Elaine, If any one can do it you can! Follow your heart girl and trust in the Lord!