Monday, September 17, 2007

Doors/keys and hatchets

I feel good again. "You can't keep a good woman down" or as my husband says "you can't keep a good, bull headed, hyper woman down!"
I went to see my youngest sister today. She has had a very tough life. Some of it because of poor choices and the rest because of abusive people.
Let me tell you how this started. I have been trying to reach out to her more so she would feel like someone cared and she had a connection. In the process witnessing to her. She did come over to watch the girls when I had my surgery last week. This is a huge step. Kennedy adored her and she adored Kennedy. Great thing about kids, they love us for who we are. No conditions. Anyway Kennedy and I walk out the front door and I realized my keys were in the house. To make a long 45 minute saga short my husband could sleep through a bomb! Grrrr...... so after 45 minutes of pounding the door, ringing the doorbell and calling I went to the side garage door. AHA! Next to the door was a hatchet. You guessed it. Stand back Kennedy! I chopped the door handle off! I put a lot of thought on how I could get in through that door with minimal damage. Chopping of the knob seemed logical. I get to the door that leads to the kitchen. LOCKED! I hit, I jimmied. Nothing. I was next to tears and besides being mad at Mike for sleeping so hard I was a little concerned about him. I thought he was in a coma or something. I took a deep breath and prayed. I said "God please help me get this door open. You work my hands." I tried the screwdriver very calmly, jiggle here, jiggle there and the door opened! I was like " thank you God!" wow. No one and I mean no one ever tell me that God doesn't listen to our prayers big or small.
So on the way to my sisters I was reliving this moment. I was so grateful. I was thinking to myself "There is no problem to big or small for God." HELLO! Yet another way God got my attention. He knows I am a little nervous about finding a way to make some money when I leave my job. That was HIS way of showing me that He will take care of me. I never, ever lock my keys in the house. EVER!
Gotta go by a new door knob!

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Libby said...

I just started a new Bible Study by Jennifer Rothschild called Walking By Faith(Lessons Learned In The Dark). I keep thinking of you. You gotta get it!
Libby(oh, email me your real email address, I just have your Dillon one)