Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sorta empty nester/pity party/son's & girlfriends

When your use to having at least five out of six kids around and half of them are rowdy guys, then they leave home and it is just you and your three girls it is a lot like an empty nest. First they like being together. My son's would get in a fight or wrestle "just for fun" play loud music, have louder bigger boys come over and eat us out of house and home. My sweet girls just enjoy each other's company so much that hours can go by before I hear a peep out of them. They resolve their own arguments and if they do get mad it last about 2 minutes! I am not complaining it is just different.
Anyway enough of that. Here is a picture taken the night before Dustin left for boot camp. My son Dustin (middle) his best friend Garrick and Dustin's girlfriend Katlin. She is a Korean adoptee, we love her! She is so sweet. I hope they can manage a long distance relationship. Warning to you mom's out there with young son's. When they meet a girl you really like and then they break up your heart gets broken also. I told my son Cody; who except for one incidence has had great taste in girlfriends,to quit introducing me to them until he was engaged! I can't stand anymore breakups. All three boys have dated wonderful girls, you get attached to them and one day they are gone. And there you are also left with a broken heart, but does anyone call to see how you are? Nooooo....It is all about them! :)
Now for my pity party. I had a simple procedure done this week. I had my gallbladder removed. In and out. But oh no my gb was attached to my liver and now I have a drain bag stuck to my side. Hopefully I get it out today. I can't stand to be still. I have watched at least 10 hours of Law and Order all of them , SUV, Criminal Intent, can't think of the other one. I love those shows. I missed church Sunday, my favorite day of the week and I can't pick up Kennedy for 3 weeks. We will see about that! Nothing ever goes normal if I have to have surgery. When I had my hysterectomy about 8 years ago I almost died from bleeding to death. The surgeon had nicked a vessel and sowed it up. Well I kept wondering why my chest was hurting and I couldn't breath. What should have hurt down south didn't and everything up north was killing me, literally. The vessell had burst and I was bleeding to death. They had to do emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and I had to have a transfusion. Any as you are aware I made it.
Guess I will go back and listen to all the quiet in my house.

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