Tuesday, September 4, 2007

He is on his way!

We took Dustin to his recruiters office this morning. Actually he rode with his girlfriend and best friend. We followed.
We had a party for Dustin yesterday. Our precious family and friends showed up to send him off in fashion. I had this plan for us to get a family picture taken yesterday while the whole crew was together. We were all suppose to wear kaiki shorts or Capri's and black shirt. This is what we ended up looking like. Look who is wearing the kaiki pants and a black shirt. Figures huh? You gotta love us. This look is what I call "what the heck sheik." No rhyme or reason just get your booty up here and pose! Maybe when Dustin is home on leave we can get a real family picture taken.
In this picture Dustin insisted on wearing his prize rugby cap. I was a little miffed but you know what they say, pick your battles. After we dropped him off, Jordan, Cameron and I had a good cry (dad was being brave) we came home. I went out in the backyard because it was raining and we had left some stuff out from the party, and there it laid soaked on a table, that silly rugby cap. sigh.
I went to his room and stood for a while, knowing that in 13 weeks I will meet a man, not the boy we left on the recruiters steps but a man who followed a calling God laid on his heart. Now how can I be sad about that?

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