Saturday, September 26, 2009

Camerons surgery

This past week our daughter Cameron had surgery on her lower eyelids. She has Entropion or had. This means her eyelashes were directed towards her eyes. Her eyelashes were brushing against her cornea and irritating them. She had been complaining for a while but I thought it was allergies or she just had something in them. I work for an optometrist and she explained to me what was going on. Without the surgery her corneas would eventually be damaged. She had the surgery on Wednesday and was home before noon. She was very brave and has only had 2 pain pills. They cut along the lower lid, turn the eyelashes out and stitch it up. It does not alter their apperance at all. We are very pleased with the results.
With her permission I am posting her picture right after the surgery. The reason? Honestly, if I didn't work for an optometrist it would probably have been a lot longer before the problem would have been discovered. It is very common in Native Americans and Asians. So if you are a adoptive parent of a Native American or Asian child and your child is complaining about their eyes, it would be worth getting them checked.

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