Monday, September 28, 2009

Anti- Adoption

I thought I had seen everything until I cam across an Anti Adoption Blog. I have to say that nothing surprises me very easily but this one, well it made me sick. As I read it I could not believe the horrible, ugly things they were saying. Let me put it this way, for every wonderful, awesome, beautiful thing we say about adoption they say the opposite and are just as passionate. The thing that made me sad was the hostility and anger and it made no sense. I am for everyone having the right to believe and say what they like, right or wrong, but it has to make sense.
In their opinion they believe abortion is better than adoption. That all of us who choose to adopt are using children to fill our own selfish wants and needs. That we are liars when we say how our lives have been blessed by adoption. We manipulate and use birth mothers. My eyes could not believe what I was reading.
I know very aware that a very small percentage of adoptions fail, that there a small percentage of people who adopt thinking that adoption would fill a void and there have been birth mothers who have been lied to an used and on that note visa versa. The world is made up of different ideas and views.
But honestly to believe that it would better to abort a life or leave a child as an orphan in this world possibly exposed to abuse, sex trafficking, hunger, left out in the elements, sick, living in fear every day of their life, than to bring them into family who loves them and wants them more than the air they breath, well that just doesn't make sense to me.
I am pretty sure that those who believe this way have been hurt or raised to believe this way. I am going to pray for a change of heart.

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