Sunday, September 20, 2009

America, Wake Up!!!!

I have been doing a lot of thinking about all that is going on in the world. It is kind of hard not too, every time you turn on the t.v. or pick up a newspaper or magazine it is all you hear about.
I realize that since God put man on earth there has been turmoil, but the only thing I can speak of is this time, the time I live in and it is sad.
If you don't like what the President is doing you are labeled a racist. If you are christian or served in the military you may profiled as a terrorist. Our kids can't pray in school because it may offend another student, YET! a student of a different religion can wear a religious head garment because that is their right, they are expressing their religious freedom. Movie stars and others who don't agree with war speak out about it and it is all over the news, yet the death of the young man or woman who fought for their free speech, well more often than not you are not going to see that on the front page, except for their hometown newspaper. We can vote and the citizens say no to gay marriage, BUT a judge can over turn our vote. What was the point? We vote against abortion, they will over turn it. Do a crime, oh a slap on the wrist will do.
The America we once knew, the America that so many have died for, that once stood for integrity, character, morals, the America that was proud to say GOD BLESS AMERICA, sing the national anthem and pray before we did anything, that America is almost non-existent. What happened? We use to agree to disagree, our vote meant something, we took off our hats and saluted or put our hands over our hearts when the flag came by. Even in my church I see people sitting and talking during the Pledge of Allegiance during AWANAS.
I think one of the many reasons we have lost our way and forgot what America stands for is we no longer communicate verbally like we use to. You know communication, where you look someone in the eye and this noise comes out of your mouth and you use full syllables? Now what was that called?, oh yeah, speaking! Now everyone is texting. We text at work, at school, at church in the CAR!!! We facebook, myspace, blog, IM. Here we have all of this technology that allows us access to the world with the touch of our finger, yet we are forgetting how to really communicate. I know I am guilty.
So here is my point SPEAK UP AMERICA!! Like it or not America was based on the fact we trust God. That people could have religious freedom, they could have a say in the way our government was run. Remember the government is suppose to work for us not the other way around. In God we trust.
I have been around for a long time and I can say this without a doubt, when the government decided to take God out of our schools, our work, our government, life as we know it went away. They took away our voice. See God does not come uninvited. You tell Him leave and He will. He gave us that choice. Some people who want our country run their way have asked, no told God to get lost and He has. It is time for those of us who want God to come back to speak up and let our voices be heard! If we don't then there will be no more singing "God Bless America" It will be more like "What Happened to America?"
I am not a right wing, hard nosed, radical, conservative extremest. I am a child of God,a wife and a mom who wants her children and grandchildren to know the America she once knew. The simple America, where we didn't have to agree with one another and that was ok, where our vote counted, where we were proud of our country and we had religious freedom, where we were respected by other countries.Not this angry, hateful, selfish, immoral, grandstanding, politically correct, it's all about me America that exist now. I want our children to learn in school that America was founded by many Christian men and based our government on Godly principals. Yes my friends this is the truth, but they have taken that part out of the history books, might make someone realize there freedoms are being messed with. You don't have to agree with me, but you would have to be wearing rose colored glasses not to see what is right in front of you and plugs in your ears not to hear what is happening.
So we if we don't want to see life as we know it become non existent, we need to speak now before its to late. You have that freedom, for the moment.

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