Sunday, June 21, 2009

Titus 3 Project

This past weekend the Hug Away Foundation had the Titus 3 Project fundraiser. It was a garage sale and we had been collecting stuff for weeks and storing the stuff in storage.
We had a great location on the corner of a very busy intersection. Friday night at 6:30 pm we met several wonderful friends, about 5 trucks, 3 big trailers and began moving everything to the location to set up and price things. We had pizza and the kids played while we worked. The plan was for my husband to stay at the location all night (he is use to working nights) and me and some friends show up bright and early Saturday morning so he could go home, get some sleep while we worked the sale. God has a better plan!
As soon as we began to unload people were walking up wanting to buy. At first we said we would open in the morning but more and more kept coming! Finally we caved and started to sell. They kept coming and people kept saying "what a wonderful idea, having a garage sale at night and avoid the heat!" Yeah, that was the plan. ;)
By 1:oo am in the morning we had already made over $1,100! We still had a ton of stuff left. When I went to relieve Mike 5 hours later people were already there buying. By 5 that afternoon had raised over $2,600!
I feel so blessed. Yes, the money is wonderful and it will help other families and orphans but I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who, for several weeks would go to peoples houses to pick up donations in between his two jobs and worked tirelessly at the sale. I am blessed to have sweet, patient daughters who took up the slack at home while we worked and prepared for the sale and they also helped at the sale. I am blessed to have wonderful friends who support our cause. They donated items,money and time. Everyone worked hard in the heat, loading,unloading, setting up, pricing, selling, keeping Mike company that night, showing up the next day to help out and again load and unload. And most important I am blessed to have God. These are the true blessings.

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