Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day Jordan!

Jordan playing with babies in the Babies Home where she stayed after she was born and before she went to her foster home.

Jordans social worker and foster mother

Jordan with the Director of the Babies Home

My Jordan

It was the day before Fathers Day June 17,1995. Myself, along with about 100 family and friends were standing in the airport waiting for a very special delivery. My husband Mike and his mom Dorothy were arriving from Los Angeles, where they flown out to meet our 3 month daughter who had been brought to the states from S.Korea by missionaries. Myung (bright) Hwa (beautiful) who we would call Jordan.
I was being interviewed by a local news channel for a adoption/ Fathers Day story and I was feeling so many emotions. Finally, after what seems forever the plane landed and all the passenger got off the plane. Some of them including business men were holding things that looked very familiar to me, like a blanket, a toy, little things like that. They stopped and waited along with the rest of us. Finally,here comes my husband holding this tiny bundle, and a stewardess holding a diaper bag or something and my mother in law carrying some stuff. Everyone was clapping and cheering, even the passengers that had been on the flight got in on it.
When my husband placed our daughter in my arms I was so overwhelmed I thought I might faint and she was sleeping like nothing was going on.
This baby girl is now a bright and beautiful young woman. She is smart, kind, good, has a quick wit and is funny, She loves God, her family & friends, the country where she was born and the country where she lives. She is very confident in who she is and doesn't try to be or act like anyone else. She is who she is and that is fine with all of us who know and love her.
If you would have told me on that day 14 years ago that we would be blessed with two more daughters through the miracle of adoption I would not have believed you. But we serve an awesome God and His plans for us are always better than anything we could ever imagine for ourselves.
Jordan it is a joy and honor to be your momma! I love you sweet girl!

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