Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Having faith and grace

Today I read about the Marine jet fighter that crashed into some houses in San Diego. The pilot ejected, but the crash killed a S. Korean women, her 2 month old and 15 month old daughter's and her mother who came from S. Korea to help her with grandchildren. A neighbor said he had saw the husband kiss his wife goodbye that morning and thought how sweet the moment was. Little did that husband know that would be the last time he would kiss her.
Yoon Dong-yoon did a news interview tonight. You can tell his heart is broken and he is grieving. I could not believe what he said first. The first thing he asked was to pray for the pilot. He didn't want him to suffer and feel guilty, it was an accident. He said this man helps protect America, he is treasured. He then went on to say he knew his family was in heaven and God was taking care of them now. They had moved into their house a month or two ago.
I sat here crying and wondering if I could ever be such a witness. It seems he lost everything. His family, his home but the one thing he still has is his faith. Tonight I saw a perfect example of faith and grace.
Please pray for Yoon Dong-yoon and the pilot.

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