Sunday, December 28, 2008

Going to my Castle!

Have you ever had one of those days? It's not a bad day but more like a "I am pooped and don't give a fig days." On one hand I am ready for the holidays to be over, but on the other hand each day that goes by is one day closer for Dustin to leave. That I am not ready for. I am practicing my fake brave face. I am also sad because 20 years ago today my mom died. I miss her and I often think of how much she would have loved getting to know all of her grandchildren!
I knew raising my kids would be the greatest blessing in my life but didn't think it would also be the most heartbreaking at times.
I went to the Women of Faith conference in OKC last month. One of the speakers said when you are having a bad day, people are getting on your nerves or your family is pushing their luck you should close your eyes and go to your castle. All castles have a moat and a draw bridge. So unless you put that draw bridge down know one is to bother you. So at home or at work if I am having a bad moment I just say "I am going to my Castle" they all know until further notice it would be in their best interest to leave me alone! By the way that is a crown I am wearing. Kennedy gave it to me for the castle!

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One of Us said...

Hey there Elaine! I found you via another blog...small world!
I like your "castle" idea - may need to borrow that idea from you.
~Lois (LJ)