Sunday, December 14, 2008

Days like this!

Are what you live for! Several months ago a young man was hired at our church. He replaced a woman who had the job for many years. The first thing I found out about him was that he and his wife were hoping to adopt. They were adopting through DHS and were just waiting. They are a wonderful young couple and were open to siblings. Months go by and still nothing. Fast forward to Adoption Sunday at our church. They were sitting in worship longing for a child, I was looking at them praying that God would reveal their child to them soon and an older couple who are members of the church had a circumstance in their family with children involved and were beside themselves on what too do.One week later this man calls me and tells me about the situation. He said him and his wife were sitting in church that Sunday trying to figure out what to do. They were sitting during the Adoption program he said "Elaine! maybe she can help us."As he explained the situation this young couple came to my heart. I got as much information as possible told the man I may know of someone and that I would call him back. I called the young man and his wife. I told them about the phone call I had just received. A siblings a little boy and girl. They were so excited. I gave them the gentleman's number hung up and called the other gentleman and told him about the couple and they would be calling. They all met and hit it off! For a while for whatever reason it looked like it would be 6 months before the children could be placed with them. It was ridiculous! They had been approved, they were ready to adopt!Yesterday the young man called me. He said " Elaine we have news. The kids will be coming next week! In time for Christmas! OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I could not have been happier! They are so happy. Again God never ceases to amaze me. Is He awesome or what!I love thinking back on how God orchestrated these events.A woman leaves a job she had for years to try something new. This young man is hired. He hears about our Adoption Ministry and shares with me. Adoption Sunday, a couple prays for a child, I pray for the couple and another couple knows two children who need a home but are not sure what to do. I am placed on their hearts, they call me this young couple is placed on my heart, I call them and a miracle happens! I have been asked why I am so passionate about adoption and Hug Away. The answer is easy. For days like this!

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