Monday, December 8, 2008

A peaceful heart

I know I am cute!

Taking a break

Helping Dad

I have had a great day! I am at such peace with some decisions I have made. Prayer is a good thing!
I found out that Dustin will be home on the 21st! I am so excited, yet I know this is the calm before the storm in my heart. He will leave on January 10th Kennedy's second gotcha day and the day before my birthday. What a difference a couple of years makes. This will probably be one of the toughest test of faith I will ever have.
God told me He would take care of Him and I am going to continue to believe that.The peace I have in my heart about Dustin, Hug Away and a few other things can only come from God.
Again please pray for all our men and women who are serving. It has too be really hard around the holidays for them and their families.
I am really excited about Hug Away and where we are going. I know that God has great things planned. He has spoke to my heart and 2009 will be so awesome for the foundation.
OK I have to tell you about Ms. Kennedy and Santa. This is only her second Christmas and she is pumped! This girl is not shy. When she sees a Santa she will tell him about her list again and just smile. A Santa walked up to her in the mall and she smiled and raised her hands for him to pick her up! She talked his ear off!
Very opposite of Cameron, who was terrified of Santa and still is not that thrilled when she sees one. She is also very into decorating. She was outside all day after church Sunday with her daddy putting up lights and decorations.

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