Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ramblings in the morning

It is early Saturday morning. I should be sleeping in but nooo... I had a very restless night, no clue why. I have a busy day planned so I will regret it later.
I think part of my problem is my brain never shuts down. Anyway I felt like blogging so this will just be ramblings.
Oh, where do I start? Hmm... I am looking for a way to earn extra money. I have an office cleaning business so if you read this blog and live in the Tulsa area and know of anyone who could use my services, let me know. I am also plagued by guilt. I have a million pictures that I would like to see in scrapbooks and I have no clue when I will ever get that done. To chill I make earrings which has been a surprise blessing. I took some to work one day and they sold and it has turned into a nice little side business. Who knew! Hopefully I can find time to make some for the fall.
I have friends in Vietnam at this moment. They are there to meet and bring home their sweet little boy. He is such a doll! People often ask me and my husband if we are going to adopt again. Well...I believe our family is complete and He has us on a new journey with Hug Away, but God may have a different plan. We never completly close our hearts to it. The truth is my heart is adoption and everything it stands for. If Mike and I had shut our hearts too adoption I would be sitting in this house right now alone. Oh, Mike would be upstairs asleep , but my boys are grown up and out on their own. They filled the first part of my life with weekends spent at ball parks, scrapes and bruises, funny movies, protecting me from spiders and mice, jokes, guy things, body noises,cars and a bond between mother and sons that is one of the most precious gifts life has to offer. The second part of my life has been blessed by adoption. What a sweet unexpected gift! Three of them. Now my life is filled with make up, fashion shows, dolls, chick flicks, pink and purple everywhere and sometimes tears. I may have not given birth to these three angels but the bond we have is just as strong and precious as the one I have with my guys. I love all of my kids the same but differently. They are all unique individuals who have special gifts and each of them needs my attention in a different way.
So as I sit here rambling in the early hours(well it was when I started) I know that somewhere in California I have a Marine, on the other side of town a son is asleep and in Kansas a son is working, here at the house 3 angels sleep.
3 trips to the hospital$$$
2 trips to Korea$$$$
1 trip to Vietnam$$$
The rewards: Priceless!

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