Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dustin Update

I have had several people request an update on Dustin. He is doing awesome! He is stationed at 29 Palms California. He will deploy in January to Iraq or Afghanistan. He tries to call us at least once a week to let us know what he has been doing. I don't feel comfortable sharing all of that for obvious reasons. He loves being a Marine that is for sure. A mom of a Marine once told me that Marines were born not made and I believe it.
Dustin is still Dustin though! Funny, jokster living life to the fullest and always a smile on his face. He misses his family but like he told me "mom I have to do this."
He is still my baby boy and I miss him. A kid came into the office the other day who reminded me so much of Dustin it made my heart break. He was kidding with his mom like Dustin does with me, smiling the whole time. His mom said I know he is charming and funny but it does get on my nerves. I said "I know but enjoy every minute of it because before you know it you will be wishing for this time again."
People ask me how I feel about Dustin joining the Marines. Well...all Dustin ever asked me for was my blessings. For a long time that was the one thing I could not give him. As the time grew closer for him to sign the papers I was struggling. As soon as he turned 18 he was going to sign those papers with or without my blessings, but he really wanted my blessings before he signed. One day I am driving to work and I was praying for Gods guidance and His peace. All of the sudden I heard this voice say "Elaine I will take care of him." It was so loud, I looked around in the car and I thought for sure someone was in there with me. That is when I realized God had just answered me. That night I went home and gave Dustin my blessings. He looked at me smiled gave me a big hug and said "thank you mama, that is all I wanted." So that is how I feel about Dustin joining the Marines. God gave me peace because He called Dustin to do this and Dustin is being faithful and doing what God called him to do.

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