Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman Family

If you did not see Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman and thier family on Good Morning America today, you missed one of the most heartbreaking, tearful, hopeful, faithful expression of love I have ever witnessed. I posted on my blog in May that if any family could take such a tragedy and make anything positive out of it, the Chapman family would. But make no mistake Mary Beth let the world know she wants her Maria back. She is a mom whose heart is shattered and grieving but knows that her other kids need her and she has to be strong. Steven Curtis mentioned he did not know if he could ever sing Cinderella again, but he will. I am just getting to the point I can listen to that song without crying, but he like his beautiful wife knows that there are other Cinderellas in his life and he needs to focus on them. They interviewed the three older kids including their son who accidentally ran over Maria. What awesome Godly kids! All I can say is they knocked me over and it was obvious God was with each of them. In the midst of their grief they are trying to seek something good. They are human, the grief is still raw and they still have questions but they know Maria is safe and whole in the arms of our Heavenly Father.
I have never missed a SCC concert when he comes to Tulsa. Last year he had all three girls with him and as he crouched down to be at their level I believe it was Maria making bunny ears behind her daddy! It was so precious. Everyone there was blessed. As I have said before I had the honor of being interviewed by Steven Curtis a couple of years ago. I am not lying, it was like sitting down with someone you have known all our life. It was amazing. I have never had the privilege of meeting Mary Beth but I feel a connection with her. I have no clue why but I do.
I know the Chapman's do all they do for the glory of God. Today was their crowning moment. You had to be a stone not to be moved and desire to know this God who gives them the strength to get through this.
They had inspired me to get The Hug Away Foundation up and going and to start an adoption ministry at my church. Today they inspired me and touched my heart in ways I did not know was possible. Please keep them in your prayers. It was so evident that life goes on but they are still overwhelmed with grief. I just want the to thank the Chapmans for being real. We love you!

The family was on Larry King live. Again you see God in everything they say and do and again I am amazed.


Tracy said...

Although I didn't get to watch the actual interview on GMA, I did get to see it on the web through the KLOVE website. Like you, I was completely moved by their faith and how real they are in the face of a horrible tragedy.

I was curious about The Hug Away foundation. Is this the name of an adoption ministry you are trying to start in your church?

Nadra said...


I was able to watch the Larry King Live interview this afternoon here in Vietnam. Drew was napping. They are a true testament to God's work....and God's Love.

See you soon my friend!